An Annotated Bibliography on the Representation of Women in the Media

PBS Digital Studios utilizes the online platform YouTube to speak about different ideas linked to culture and important social issues. In this particular video, the topic is on Taylor Swift and the identity she has created for herself, and whether this has an impact on society’s views of women While not directly related to the portrayal of women in movies, I feel this video is very useful because it talks about the broader theme of representation of women in general, specifically how women choose to represent themselves. PBS Idea Channel. “How Do We and The Sims Perform Gender?”  This article mainly discusses gender dysphoria (the feeling that a person’s biological sex is different from their gender identity), and seeks to find biological evidence to support it.

This is very useful to me in defining what I mean when referring to gender, as well as providing some scientific explanations for how the brain perceives genderr This article is also great because it is written from a strictly scientific perspective, so the chance for bias is severely limited. This article, taken from Entertainment Weekly, talks about the disparity of women working in the areas of film production, While this article will certainly have a substantial amount of bias, it will prove valuable to me because it is about women screenwriters in the industry, and provides an inside look into the situation, This article uses the Bechdel test (a test designed to measure whether or not female characters are stereotyped) to determine that women in lead roles is actually profitable on the market.

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This source, while fairly biased (some liberties are taken with the Bechdel test, for example) has some important statistical data and information that will help me formulate good arguments, It also challenges some basic ideas about movie sales in regards to gender, which I can use to support my thesis Crane»Seeber, Jesse Paul. “Learning About Gender, War, And Nationalism From Movies.” This source is mainly a critique of another work, in which different movies are equated with the particular current events that were taking place in their region at that time, and how that specifically relates to gender perceptions in the region.

This source is useful to me because it accurately depicts the direct relationship between gender and cultural perception in certain films. The piece is written from a fairly nuanced perspective, and seems to have limited biasi This article discusses the current lack of women in the production side of film, and what is being done to broaden women‘s influence in the industry It also highlights on lead roles of women in movies, as well as race representations I chose this article despite the fact that the author has an apparent bias. The main reason for this is because the author has included a large amount of statistical data and other information that I can easily utilize. Overall, these resources provide valuable insights into the representation of women in the media and its impact on society. From advertising to video games and film, these resources highlight the need for greater diversity and inclusivity in the media to ensure that all voices are heard and represented.

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