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An on My Goals and Mission as a Professional

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An Essay on My Goals and Mission as a Professional

I am a Biology Major student in a college in New Jersey, with great scholastic record of a 3.97 GPA.  Because I was always an excelling student, I became an exchange student in my sophomore year to California.  That was when I participated in “The Random Acts of Kindness” writing contest, where I got First Place and the Chemistry County Contest in March 2004 and January 2005, respectively.  I have volunteered a numerous times in the United States and in Romania.

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An on My Goals and Mission as a Professional
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  I was also a fund raiser in Romania for children in orphanages and for an 18 year old teenager who needed a bone marrow transplant abroad. I also volunteered at a Hospital for Neuropsychiatry the same way I volunteered in the Lenox Hill Hospital in New Jersey, USA.

As a recipient of a scholarship, I believe that I will have the opportunity to acquire the tools that I would need to reach my ambition—to be a doctor.

  I have a great passion to be a doctor not only because both my mother and grandfather are doctors back in my home country, Romania, but the strong compassion for aiding and helping others.  I am a team player and an understanding person.  Having empathy for other people will easily be drawn to you and trust your judgment and recommendations.  These traits of mine will be helpful and beneficial to my chosen profession and as a friend to my patients.  I want to be able to give optimum assistance and help sick individuals.  I have always felt that there is something more that can be done for the patients and help them want to fight for their lives and fate.  I strongly believe that becoming a doctor does not end in treating their patients, it still can extend into giving a comforting hand, an ear to lend when patients just want someone to listen or merely giving them strength and hope to fight and combat their disease or ailment.

Moreover, my passion and desire to help the sick was heightened when I volunteered in a high school for children with Cerebral Palsy. There, the death of a sweet-hearted fourteen- year old girl, named Francesca, who just recently passed away, suffered so much because her condition deteriorated a couple of weeks ago.  This specific incident opened my eyes and mind that although the her condition has long been known, up to this day, a cure for this disease has not yet been discovered. Her death fueled my drive to help other people and their families even more by being a part of a group of doctors and scientists that, until today are still continuously solving epidemiological problems in countries that are underdeveloped and underserved.  An example for this is, working on the prevention, and possibly the eradication of Malaria and the HIV virus which causes AIDS in Africa and all over the world.

I intend to give free consultations as a professional, more importantly to individuals who do not have the financial resources or capability to even get the basic medical treatment.  I mean to save lives and making a profit of my chosen profession in not my ultimate source of motivation.  I am much eager to be given a chance to be a part of our society and humanity’s solution.

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