An Essay on the Topic of a High School Experience and Choosing a Major

Although my high school experience has exposed me to several different disciplines, my love for mathematics and problem-solving has been reflected in my exceptional performance in respective math classes. However, I have not only continually immersed myself in organizations such as Interact and Student Council, which have demanded leadership, but also attended the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar and the Mississippi Governor’s School, both of which serve to hone those natural leadership abilities. Embracing personal strengths of mathematics and leadership, I sought to discover a major which would connect such skills. My sophomore year, I began to look into engineering and was immediately overwhelmed by the quantity of separate divisions within the study. At first I was intimidated, but after proper research and acquiring requested information from Mississippi State I found my ideal major: Industrial Engineering.

Current students at MSU have described Industrial Engineering as the only engineering major with “people” in the definition. IE’s often prove versatile and adaptable engineers that take on a management position alongside their traditional responsibilities, which requires leadership among co» workers. In many cases, the engineer must be able to calculate with ingenuity, then convey his findings to a clientele that may not be familiar with such technical jargon. IE’s take demanding course workjust as civil, chemical, and electrical engineers do, but seek a solution in expediting a process, then convey such findings to the operator to improve output capacity and save time. Veteran IE‘s have revealed to me that even the mention of change to a fixture on an assembly line can introduce perhaps unpredicted personal conflicts. As an IE I aim to use methods of reason and persuasion to ensure that my work can be observed and acted upon, thereby insuring progress.

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I find myself continually noticing bottlenecks in grocery stores and traffic jams, drinking to myself, “What would it take to correct this problem and why has nothing been done to prevent such inconveniences?” For these reasons, I want to seek solutions through observing the problem, calculating the solution, and leading the plan of action. I believe that each college student should develop a goal to work toward in the sea of distractions found at most universities. I feel confident in my future major, that it truly combines my best skills and will continue to interest me in my next four years of study. With these skills, the window of career opportunity expands beyond a task of computing and into positions involving management that may prove absolutely necessary in today’s unbalanced and shifting job market.

Despite these challenges, high school students can take steps to ensure that they are making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a major. One of the most important steps is to research and explore different career paths. This can include talking to professionals in different fields, attending college fairs and information sessions, and exploring online resources. Additionally, students can take advantage of advanced courses, internships, and extracurricular activities to gain hands-on experience in different fields. In conclusion, the high school experience can have a significant impact on a student’s decision to choose a major. While the self-discovery that occurs during this time can be helpful, it is important to be aware of the limitations that can come with attending a certain school or community. By taking proactive steps to research and explore different career paths, students can make an informed decision and pursue a major that aligns with their interests and passions.

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