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Work Experience After Graduation From High School

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  • Pages 3
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    Describe your self and work experience since you graduated from high school.

    When I first came to this country, I thought it would be easy to work part time and get a nursing degree and pursue the career of my choice. It turned out to be much harder than I expected. I quickly realized I could not afford to pay my rent and other expense without working full-time. This meant I would have to maintain a forty-hour or more work every week and fit my courses in whenever I could. Luckily I got a full-time twilight shift job in a bank from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm and because of that allowed me to take courses in the morning at the community college. On paper this looked like a good schedule, but I was shocked to learn that I had no time for social activities or shopping, and very little for homework. The first semester I slept only five hours a night and became so tired that I thought I wouldn’t make it. By the end of the first term, I was sure that with enough determination I would reach my goal. I continued work fulltime and attends the college as part time. After well I quit my job and joined the military for couple of years and separated from military on 2018 and attend the community college.

    If you had any challenges in your academic studies, what changes have you made to be more successful in the future?

    “A smart person learns from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from others.”

    I usually try to not make mistakes by learn from the mistakes I had in the past and other people experience in their life. I like to dig deep within myself and question my values in life. For example what are my strengths and weaknesses? Which of my weakness is a barrier, and does it go against my values? What are the things that are important and help me to be more successful in the future? By answering these questions to myself I learn from the mistakes I had in the past. It will help to not run the risk of repeating them. I am aware that this can be a long process and I may not get the answers so quickly but it is alright. I am always trying to be wise, learn from others’ experience, and stay ahead of the game. Being a success in college and in life is a journey. It has multiple peaks and not one ultimate pinnacle. One success builds on another and setbacks and mistakes will also help me to build success. At different periods of my life, success is defined differently. I like to focus on the positive things that life has to offer. When I am feeling down I try to think of the good things that I have in life and look forward to them instead of worrying about the bad. This world is not a paradise and nobody is going to be happy all of the time while living in it, but from my worldview I try to be as happy as possible. I look for the best in everything and everyone.

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