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An Experience I Would Never Recommend

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An experience I would never recommend

Nobody can deny that life is full of amazing experiences and others not so great. But every experience shapes us into the person we are today. I personally have found myself in a few of these situations. Moving out by myself at a young age was an experience I thought I would have enjoyed and been prepared for, but after doing so I would not recommend it. Moving out is much more than expected, it caused a lot of stress, and it made me grow up much faster.

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An Experience I Would Never Recommend
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First and foremost, moving out so young is way more than expected. When I was fourteen I got my first job at my cousin Leo’s barbershop. Being so young and naive I was convinced that I would be able to live off two hundred dollars a week. I thought I knew everything there was to know about life. When I finally turned eighteen I convinced myself I would be able to handle moving out.

I made a checklist of everything I believed was necessary to live on your own, which were rent, food and gas. After completing high school and saving a few months worth of paychecks I truly believed I was prepared and knew what I was doing and moved out. As determined and convinced as I was to make it, I was slapped with reality and blind sighted by all the problems of the real world in just the first week. To my complete surprise I found out I had moved into a property in foreclosure. After I started working overtime because I lost so much money moving in then having to move right back out, I thought to myself, what did I get myself into? I was stuck in such a bad situation which I had no experience for whatsoever. A situation like this is just one of many different problems that can arise in the real world. As a young person moving out for the first time when making that checklist, I never asked myself, okay well what if I get into a money crisis, what will I be able to do so I don’t fall into debt or get evicted. There are so many little things that I never thought about I was just.

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