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Analysis of “The Kings Speech” Sample

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Comparing both Text 1: The King’s address movie postings and Text 2: The king’s existent address

It is clear to see that the two different sorts of texts both centered on the same subject; King George VI’s foremost official address on the 3rd of September 1939. They are besides both centered on King George’s celebrated address defect and how it affected and caused him a batch of problems both in being the male monarch and in his personal life. As text 1 are postings printed to advance the film.

The King’s Speech – a play movie about King George. which is really based on text 2 the original address given by the male monarch in 1939.

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Analysis of “The Kings Speech” Sample
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Although the two texts are more or less about the same topic the manner they approach their audience is really different. First of all Text 1 aims more by and large at older and historical-interested people but besides at those who would be interested in King George VI or the histrionics involved.

Where text 2 was broadcasted all over Britain. to make the whole of the British Empire soldiers and households. However their difference in audience the one thing they do hold in common is that both text 1 and 2 are seeking to make as many people as possible Their purposes are both to acquire every bit many as they can be interested and involved.

Besides the intents of why they are seeking to near people differ. King George’s speech’s intent is strictly to seek and soothe inspire and inform his people about the approaching war. Whereas if we take an expression at text 2 – the contrast between the black suits and the gray background catching people’s oculus the serious expressions on good known faces of the histrions it is clear that the intent of these postings is to attracted and involvement people. To do them desire to see ‘The King’s Speech” so that they can gain money of it. So even though both texts have the same historic subject it is of import to retrieve that the film’s intent was perchance to inform but most probably besides to do money whereas the speaker’s intent was to animate and inform.

When looking at the posting large words such as the olympian exquisite and the phrase “God save the king” in capital letters are what we notice when taking a speedy glimpse at the postings. Making a serious and really formal tone. as that sort of ‘dress code’ and besides words are non used daily. The same earnestness and formality are clearly reflected in text 2. When listening to the original recording of the address you can hear how the male monarch is utilizing words for illustration as fatal deepness of feeling stand composure and house and united and security of justness and autonomy. Even though the movie was made over 70 old ages subsequent they are both build up around the same sedateness.

So all in all though the postings from ‘The King’s Speech’ and the original King George VI’s address may portion the same nucleus elements their difference in audience intent and tone make them two far from similar texts.

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Analysis of “The Kings Speech” Sample. (2017, Jul 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/analysis-of-the-kings-speech-essay-sample-essay/

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