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Analysis: Voices of Freedom

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John Winthrop distinguished between natural and moral liberty. What was the difference? How did moral liberty work, and how did Puritans define liberty and freedom? Discuss the restrictions of moral liberty and the consequences as Illustrated by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. Be sure to address Winthrop speech in the “Voices of Freedom” box. There Is a fine line between the words “good” and “evil” each person has their own opinion as to which they chose to see In what. John Winthrop saw the evils In what Is ladled natural liberty.

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Analysis: Voices of Freedom
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He viewed the good as moral liberty. Each has been defined over the years and you have to choose which side you will be on. John Winthrop was the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony. He was one of the founders and was also a puritan leader. Natural liberty Is defined as the “Evil” liberty. It Is when men act as beasts and other creatures. Meaning that mankind has the right to choose what they feel Like and who to obey.

The natural liberty according to John Winthrop goes against authority, god, and purity.

When Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams went against John Winthrop and chose to follow natural liberty they were both kicked out of the Massachusetts colony. Anne Hutchinson went against all what was right and said that god spoke through her to others. She held meetings at her home to discuss god and the bible and to share her beliefs with others. John Winthrop and many others thought this was absolutely absurd and they decided to banish her from the colony. She was banished to the colony of New York and was soon killed by Indians in an Indian raid.

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