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Different types of skills

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Throughout High School I learned to develop many different types of skills. Development Came a little easier or me when it came to writing. necessarily not only writing was developed but also imagination and feelings.

You may ask, “Why Feelings”? Because writing is not only just that “writing” it is opinions, facts, emotions, and feelings that I put into words. Among these I learned also very important skills that are crucial in every writers paper which are Grammar, Vocabulary, and paragraph structure.

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Different types of skills
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I believe that if all these are combined and used effectively a perfect essay paper would be in hand.Poetry is another writing skill I learned to develop as I was attending High School.

Poetry as everyone knows are feelings and emotions that a human puts into words. I learned to best express myself by writing out what I felt and creating poetry out of that. Writing is not only important to me, but also to my heart and soul.

During my first steps in becoming a writer I explored imagination.

My development as a writer came while attending High School. I was taught and guided with learning how to appropriately use grammar, vocabulary, and paragraph structure.As development came into more focus I also learned to write Poetry and place feelings and emotions onto a piece of paper. For example, when I am feeling sad and depressed I write down that I a feeling sad with words that sound beautiful and make a story out of it.

As I began to develop more and more as a writer, grammar, became a necessity not only in essays but also in language. My use of grammar became a necessity not only in essays but also in language. My use of grammar in writing were simply not getting along.For example, I would always use “Him and I went” little did I know before High School that, that was a bad use in grammar.

As a teenager growing up in Boyle Heights, I developed my own style of grammar none of which was appropriate in the making of an essay or in speech. My bad use of grammar was never more reflected than in my essays. It is the clear tendency of wanting to be like the majority instead of the minority. Among music and friends, are all popular influences in the way I speak and write.

Never was it more Difficult for me than in English class.When the teacher graded that essay or corrected me when she/he heard me speak I felt most embarrassed and knew I had to do a direct change, not only for my grade but also for myself. For example, once we had oral essay’s to write in order in order to read them in front of the class. I began to lead my paper and I stumbled onto a word that I should have not used which was “dude” in my essay.

The whole class laughed but the teacher did not and she gave me detention. I thought I had not done anything wrong but to her obviously I had. Grammar is crucial and very important to everyday life. The way I speak, the language I use, the way I write.

These are all representations of who and what I am. Because character is demonstrated through language and the way I speak. The use of vocabulary words throughout my writing development was developed by reading. Reading has helped me increase and expand the use of vocabulary words.

Before reading came to my attention my vocabulary skills were not out of place but out of focus. For example, before I would use such phrases as “It’s all just maladjusted”. By using the vocabulary word “maladjusted” was not a bad pick out of the collection of words but rather, I was not explaining what or how it was being maladjusted.In other words, I was not explaining or defining it’s meaning and where it was coming from.

I had problems pronunciation some complex vocabulary words and also spelling words out. I was one of them. Fro example, I always had a hard time ( and still do) pronouncing and spelling out this word, vitreous. But I overpowered it by reading more it helped me a lot in pronunciation and spelling.

Vocabulary words are important to try and perfect day in and day out. Depending on the use of vocabulary words on any paper it will immediately shed light on the paper and intrigue the reader.Paragraph structure is something I have had to struggle with teachers because of it’s imposing system of rules and structures, leaving expressions and free writing out of place. It is understandable to believe that paragraph structure forms clarity, unity, and organization.

I believe that by following up on part graph structure makes the writer less excited about an essay assignment and also lose taste. For example, I am happily writing about a favorite subject, meanwhile forming an essay when all of a sudden I am bombarded with topic sentences, concrete details, and conclusions and they must all be in order.As my writing developed I find myself using less and less of my own character and personality or in other words, less of me and more of structurizing this is one of the reasons why most essays sound dry and have no personality. I learned to understand and use paragraph structure by simply following the rules and dealing with it also, by practicing.

Not always I am going to want to follow the rules, but the truth us that If I want a good essay and want the “ A” instead of the “B” what makes a good writes is when emotions and feelings become words.Poetry became my gateway in perfecting myself and developing myself more as a writer and along with it came the development of emotions and feelings. Poetry is a form of expression towards human feelings and it was first introduced to me in High School. As I grew older I found myself exploring more and more about myself through writing.

It was as if my hands told me through writing exactly what and who I was. Writing does not only mean making essays, Brief summaries or even notes. Writing is also letters, poetry, and a melting pot of emotions. For example, A simple letter to a boyfriend or a lover can express to him/her verbally.

The would have told him/her verbally. The truth is, writing is a way of life and truth is, writing is a way of life and is as efficient and necessary as speaking is as efficient and necessary as speaking because it is a form of expression. Another example is journal writing, journal writing is now encouraged by teachers because of its unique style of free writing. It helps the student come to terms with what their present situations are, in other words, it is simply therapeutic.

We all need to express our feelings in one way or another and in what better way, shape, form than in writing.In addition, grammar, paragraph structure, and vocabulary are three contributors into my developing as a writer. But the lesson does not end by learning what the meanings of these three are but rather, it starts by making mistakes each and every time I hold a pen in my hand I begin to make out sentences. Another important contributor is poetry.

It has helped me see writing in a completely different color. My developing as a writer does not end. I still need to develop more and learn more. I love writing, and writing has become my way of life.

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