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The rushed signing and repeal of an act regarding gun control is discussed in various sources, including a peer-reviewed academic journal article by Domenici Benjamin, which argues that increased gun ownership actually leads to a reduction in crime and killings. A book by Longer Norman L. explores the maze of gun laws across different states, while a magazine article highlights the importance of gun safety laws. An editorial discusses the proposal of the Brady Bill, which would require a waiting period for the purchase of handguns to allow for background checks. Overall, there are differing opinions on the issue of gun control in the United States.

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  1. The act was rushed to be signed Into law on the same day, but shortly repealed by state law makers, who want to stress UN laws for the mental ill and criminals.
  2. Peer reviewed academic Journal article Domenici, Benjamin. “The Truth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control: Crime and killings have fallen as gun ownership has Increased,” Commentary 135. 2 (2013): 25+.
  3. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 18 Par. 2013.

The text demonstrates the concept of gun control and highlights the response of people to tragic incidents. It emphasizes that the instinctive reaction of individuals is to acquire a gun, resulting in a decrease in crime rates due to the Second Amendment protecting citizens from government-imposed limitations on gun ownership. The fear among Americans is that if public access to guns were restricted, they would become defenseless. The text argues that Americans should be armed for their own safety and suggests that the mass media should adopt a less sensational approach to reporting tragedies. The mentioned book, titled “Big Bang: The Loud Debate Over Gun Control” by Norman L. Longer, explores the complex maze of gun laws, especially in relation to the differing regulations across states within the US. Currently, there are over 20,000 laws and ordinances pertaining to guns, but the rights to carry or possess a gun differ significantly across state lines.

The discussions include restrictions on gun purchases, the debate surrounding adding background checks to purchase requirements, and considerations for child safety and consumer protection in the event of a lost or stolen gun.

  1. Popular Magazine Article Context. Web. 18 Par. 2013. This magazine article discusses gun owner condone tougher gun controls for the purpose of safety for gun operations so they know the proper procedures to take hen using and concealing a weapon safely without injuring others.
  2. The laws are stated as ” Common-sense gun-safety laws. “

In an editorial called “The forces arrayed against gun controls” published in the Globe & Mail on May 3, 1991, the proposal of the Brady Bill is discussed. This bill recommends a waiting period of seven days for handgun sellers to confirm the buyer’s information with local law enforcement. The aim is to determine if the purchaser has a criminal record that could pose a risk when owning a firearm.

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