Annotated Bibliography and Tentative Thesis Example

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Cope, Kevin Lee. Criteria of Certainty: Truth and Judgement in the English

Enlightenment. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1990

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            Lee reflected on the epistemology of engagement in the English Enlightenment perspective by examining the role the system and system making played in the act of believing and in the author’s commitment to the creation of a didactic artifact. He proposed the need to change the system of modern criticism to enable the concept of engagement to emerge, characterizing a new kind of historicism, but places the concept of engagement based on the psychic and literacy concept. The book can enlighten literary students about the preoccupation with certainty during the 17th century, which signifies both confidence in human intellectual abilities and doubt regarding the availability of truth.

Downie, James Alan. Jonathan Swift, Political Writer. London, England: Routledge,


            Downie offered key insights into the analysis of satirical works by Swift. He noted that Swift used specific situations and individuals during his times to initiate his satirical writing. His book does not only offer a good start for describing satire but also provide ideas that should be remembered in any analysis of Swift’s works. Satirical works by Swift are essential as a teaching aid because he reflects key issues of his times by utilizing situations that he assumes his readers to know. Literary students must have in-depth knowledge concerning political, religious, cultural and economic aspects of England and Ireland during the late 17th and early 18th centuries before analyzing his satirical works.

Kelly, Ann Cline. Jonathan Swift and Popular Culture: Myth, Media and the Man

Basingstoke, England and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002

            Kelly’s book highlights Swift’s literary biography. It discusses the career of Swift as a Church of Ireland clergyman and his unusual popularity due to his decision to manage his career as an author. Kelly was successful in portraying Swift as an epic hero or as an Irish patriot who signifies all the best attributes of his nation. The book is very much suitable for undergraduate students of literature because they can learn the beauty and politics of reception. It can be a good tool in teaching the value of being generous by highlighting Swift’s generosity for donating money to build a mental hospital in Dublin.

Quintero, Ruben. A Companion to Satire. Wiley-Blackwell, 2007

            Quintero discussed the historical scope of satire starting from the prophetic books of the Old Testament to the Renaissance period and the English tradition in satire. He provided a comprehensive discussion on the emergence of satire in Western literature up to the present times. He explored the key influence of the Bible on the cultural and literary development of Western satire. His book can offer a good discussion in a Western literary class where students can share the objectives, definitions and roots of satire. Western literary students can also learn developments in literary satire from a historical perspective, styles of satirical mockery, and the influences of classical and European authors on English satire.

Williams, Kathleen. Jonathan Swift: The Critical Heritage. London, England: Routledge,


            The book provides a comprehensive discussion about key figures in literature such as novels by Jane Austine and early plays of William Shakespeare. It presents several pieces of criticisms from later periods to show the decline in a reputation of an author. Each volume features a brief synopsis to the writer’s published works, an index of authors, works and subjects, and a chosen bibliography.  The book is very helpful for researchers and students because it allows them to read for themselves. It also provides a list of sources, which range from essays about criticism history to contemporary opinion and journalism.


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