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Annual Cow Appreciation Day

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    Each year in the united states many Americans spend more than $160 billion to cater for their foods, but due to a high competition in the marketing sector, over 200,000 restaurants are vying for a greater share of the fast food revenue vie. Chick-fil-A, which offers fast-food services, is ranked at number eight and it is one of the most popular restaurants in the US. Being founded in 1946 and with headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia is widely spread and has over 1,700 locations in 38 states. The famous ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ has generated more than $6 billion in annual sales thus the efforts to re-focus in the right story and strategy can transform the marketing power.

    One of the more retailing endeavors from Chick-fil-A is their yearly Cow Appreciation Day. For individuals who come into the store dressed as a cow on this day, they get a free meal. While the idea appears to be fairly on the edge, it is simply part of the inventive showcasing procedures that Chick-fil-A has used to attract attention regarding their effots. On the web, Chick-fil-A offers the ‘Best Cow Costume Photograph Contest’ and has made a special video called the ‘Running of the Cows’. All the public statements and organizations with Heinz and Dr. Pepper for instance enable brand awareness to and naming the organization as a trend-setter in making novel, agreeable advertisements and advancements. It additionally helped that almost 300,000 individuals wearing some sort of cow costume during their last Cow Appreciation day.

    Chick-fil-A company has gained popularity in the US because of their controversial issues to the public and is famous due to its ads on TV of ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ which publicizes more eating of the chicken by the cows. These ads have enabled the prosperity of Chick-fil-A into a national brand company while at the same time innovating new marketing techniques that have helped the company become one of the top world’s fast food industry. One noticeable advertising aspect which differentiated them from other restaurants was their mentality of not offering discounts or limited-time offers and broadcasting their menu item for more than a decade such as Egg white grill which created their awareness in the community.

    Marketing strategies employed by Chick-fil-A of offering high-quality food at a fair price is what contributed to their success and therefore creating a favorable environment for the product they promoted without the fear of being changed. Chick-fil-A’s quality improvement and focused customer services have ensured less pressure due to competition from other restaurants. Also, their annual Cow Appreciation Day where people are given a free meal due to their cow dressing code and their contest for the best cow has positively increased their marketing potential which has drawn the attention of many customers. Their promotional video has assisted in building the awareness of the brand since apart from attracting customers they create a uniquely enjoyable experience.

    With Cow Appreciation Day being well recognized and presenting itself in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the subscribers are presented with the awareness of the restaurant’s events which plays part in drawing customers attention. The Chick-fil-A mobile application available at all platforms has promoted a widespread fast-food service since it earns the members points which can be redeemed for rewards. Most specifically for the members, Chick-fil-A account is able to earn points for their online catering orders which can earn them a surprise reward.

    Chick-fil-A marketing strategies have helped in avoiding losses and therefore managing to build and expand their reputation over the years as the most innovative industry in the food industry. Different standards set by Chick-fil-A and their advertising techniques have seen the growth of the company which has contributed to their competition in the marketing environment. Chick-fil-A company is one of the fast-food company that has created a remarkable customer experience in the strive to bring out the best services to the people. To attain this, different processes and technologies employed are fully aligned to successfully bring a brand to life. Therefore, the new brand strategy has been used to leverage institutional and focus on the comprehensive story of clarity and simplicity.

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