Another Evening at the Club Essay

Men and women have different roles in society. Men are usually known as the soul providers for the family and women are usually known as the house wife who does all the chores in the house. In the short stories Another evening at the Club and Spring Storm the roles between men and women are clearly discussed. People in a relationship need to realize that compromises need to made, and not one person can get their way. Spring Storm is about the main character Natsuo receiving a major lead role in a play.

At first when Natsuo learned she received the role she was excited, but as soon as reality kicked in she realized she had to tell her husband, and he wouldn’t be that happy. She knew this so when she came in from work, she lied to her husband saying she didn’t pass the audition. After a while of discussing this with her husband, she realized she should have just told him the truth, because she wouldn’t have to hear a whole lecture on if she did make it. The husband discusses that if she passed the audition, that he would basically be put on the back burner.

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He wouldn’t really be noticed by anyone. He had the fear that his wife would be more successful then he was; which bothered him a lot. Towards the end of the story, the husband actually admits that he is happy for the wife. He just needs to accept the fact that his wife might be more successful then he is. I think Spring Storm really shows that men always think that they should have the better paying job and be the provider for the wife and the kids. A lot of men just can’t accept the fact that the women might be more qualified to get the better job.

The story Another Evening at the Club is about a girl Samia who at first reminiscing on how she met her husband, Abbound. This story takes place is Egypt where there were arranged marriages, and wives had to listen to everything that their husbands told them to do. “It was only a few years ago that she had first laid eyes on him at her father’s house, meeting his gaze that weighed up her beauty and priced it before offering the dowry. “( Rifaat 53). When Samia first met her husband to be she really fell in love with him and thought he was good for her. Samia’s parents thought he was a nice man as well.

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