Anticipating Change

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Steve Jobs, is known to be a great, dedicated and hardworking Chief Executive officer (CEO).  With this, I can say that it is an example of organizational renewal. Jobs uniqueness amongst any other reputable software CEO is evident. Being the Chief Executive Officeer for Apple, Jobs bulk responsibility does’nt characterized acieving the financial and operational goal, and execution of strategies of the company. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs personal involvement with regards to  technical matters on the process of designing sets him apart from other Hardware CEO. (Pearce-Robinson,2007 p.177)

            A decade before the comeback of Steve Jobs on the year 1997, Apple faced a tough test as a computer hardware innovator. During those years, Apple also experienced the struggle to innovate and to be able to get the hang on the increasing competition of modern technology. From the year 1985 to 1996, Apple had encountered several lowest points. Furthermore, Apple experienced failure working on new products resulted to limited works of innovation. This failure created confusions on Apple to innovate. (

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            During the return of Steve Jobs withAapple in early 1997, there were dissatifaction of Operating System 7.6. Amazingly, Jobs reconcilliation with Apple on the year 1997 is proven to be the year of renewal for the company. When they started to work and came up with an Innovative product that would set a new trend in technology. Also, the return of Steve Jobs in the succeeding years  proved to be fruitful Apple Computer Inc. It was on the year 1998 one year after his return to Apple. Macintosh, recorded huge development after releasing the Mac Opoerating System 08. (

            This Operating System serves as a staement pertaining on the issue of incapability to innovate after naming as one of the best selling Operating System of its time. Also, this innovation proves to be an indication of Apple’s renewal and rise from oblivion. Steve Jobs believes that when he rejoined Apple on 1997, Mac somehow forgot who they are;  one of the all time great innovator of computers. Therefore, the return of Steve Jobs shows a renewal for the organization and implement the campaign to “Think Different” to constantly remind them who they are and who their heroes are. (Pearce-Robinson,2007 p.177)

            I believe entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs does’nt have to leave a large oragnization to foster innovation. Jobs, as reputble, passionate and multi talented CEO has the full potential to make a large company to grow bigger. Innovation, in definition is the act of introducing new products. Such can be achieved trough hard work and great passion. To innovate is to think different, this can happen anytime to any entrepreneurs with great passion for what they believe in. Following the recipe of Steve Jobs to success is a good example of methods for innovation. Relating this on the scenario of Steve  Jobs and Apple, it shows that leaving is not necessary for innovation. Therefore, further use  of existing resources of present organiztion with the use of little creativity and hands-on dedication can effect innovation.

            One probable adaptive orientation Apple had embraced, is the use of Outsourced Design Manufacturer (ODM). The so-called Outsourced Design Manufacturer, is the number method used now by the leading computer innovators. With its primary application to designing, most of the computer makers nowadays are using Outsourced Design Manufacturer as their way to gather as many designs as possible for cost cutting.  (Pearce-Robinson,2007 p.177) Though, Apple show adaptation on the orientation of ODM,  Steve Jobs somehow contradicts its full application. Apple only uses Outsourced Design Manufacturer solely for manufacturing purpose. The designs and major decisions came from the top design team of apple. (Pearce-Robinson,2007 p.177)

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