An Appeal for Financial Help for Kennedy Elementary School and the Surrounding Community

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lt’s understandable many people out there don‘t have enough money to survive in the real world many people need money. The reasons my community needs money and charity was that money is needed to help schools. to help the poor or the mentally disabled people. and also to help small business that need a helping hand whether it’s with money to help employees or help supply people in need. My community isn‘t the worst of them all, but a little help would help a lot. One of the reasons why my community needs money is because we have a lot of schools around here. Some of the schools are Kennedy Elementary School, Mata Intermediate School and Holub Middle School. These schools need money so they can supply kids with the education they need for tomorrow. They rely on taxes and help from others to be able to pay their teachers and staff. So if they get a little helping hand they may be able to improve their teachers. electives, etc.

They can buy things that‘ll help kids learn things quicker and that will keep kids attracted to learning instead of talking to other kids and using their phones and not listening to their teachers. Another reason why my community needs money is that there are a lot of homeless people, mentally or physically handicapped people and/or drug abusers. These people need help to get over their problems. People who are injured mentally or physically might need medicine to help them or therapy something to help them because I see a lot of people on the streets with problems. Sometimes while walking to school I see a man standing completely still in the street. He doesn‘t do anything but stand there.

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Another example is of this old man he walks around the track near Holub smoking and he‘s always there and I don’t think he has a home It‘s really sad because people need homes, but can not afford it which is why a little charity can help these people around my community. Lastly, many business are mndown and need money to even still be running. They are not getting enough business in order to run. So if I were to give them money then they would be able to make money for their family and you never know could be barely surviving and the business is the only way their survive. The charity can help them add new things, new ads, etc.

This can help them get more money from their business, because one person tells another person and their “family business” may turn to something big! Understanding people’s issues is important and helping them is even more important. People may need help for issues like mental or physical issues, drug issues or even going through poverty. Even though that‘s happening they are still take life as it comes. So because they have gone through all of these issues, actually being able to advance and maybe defeat those issues is important to them, one of the only ways is through giving them a helping hand.

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