Apple Incorporated Recruitment Process

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Apple Inc. is a well-known American multinational corporation that specializes in the creation and production of consumer electronics and computer software products. The company has gained recognition for its diverse range of hardware devices, such as Macintosh computers, iPods, and iPhones. Alongside these devices, Apple also offers a variety of software products including the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser, the iLife suite for multimedia and creative purposes, the iWork suite for productivity tasks, Final Cut Studio tailored to audio and film-industry professionals, and Logic Studio providing audio tools.

The company’s presence spans over 350 retail stores in nine countries, as well as an online store offering hardware and software products. Andrew Saatchi, the head of Apple Corporation Human Resource Department, emphasizes their ongoing pursuit of outstanding individuals to join their rapidly growing and esteemed organization. However, he highlights that the task of recruiting individuals is not solely his responsibility.

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Young and Simon (2005) state that Apple’s HR department consists of more than 100 individuals. Their main task is to recruit individuals with robust IT backgrounds who have a strong commitment to personal growth and advancement in the field of computing. One appealing factor that attracts people to Apple is its employee recognition program called the Apple Fellows. This program recognizes employees who have made exceptional technical or leadership contributions to personal computing throughout their time at the company.

Simon (2005) states that Apple Company is committed to hiring top talent in the industry. Therefore, Saatchi was pleased when a technician informed him that he had dissuaded his neighbor from applying for a job at Apple, as the technician believed it would be detrimental to the company. Additionally, Harreld (2007) mentions that in addition to employee referrals, Apple attracts 66% of new recruits through its official website.

Many people visit the Company Web site to explore career opportunities and often complete the career application form in hopes of being considered for a position. The recruitment team at Apple receives over a hundred application forms daily from individuals worldwide. Selecting suitable candidates from this extensive pool is a difficult and time-consuming task. However, Apple remains dedicated to its principle of hiring only the most qualified individuals. Consequently, the recruitment process involves thorough searches through internal and external sources to identify potential candidates for open positions within the organization.

Saatchi emphasizes the importance of effective recruitment in both attracting and retaining individuals within an organization. Apple Company has already implemented systematic recruitment strategies (Harreld, 2007). Bagnall (2005) highlights that the scarcity of IT talents is a major concern for employers, especially in industries where innovative ideas and talented people are essential.

Apple company is in need of innovative ideas and new products, which requires bright individuals to contribute to the growth of the thriving hi-tech industry. In order to locate these individuals, Saatchi conducted research on their activities. Typically, these talented individuals do not spend time browsing job advertisements. Instead, they are often found surfing the internet or attending local festivals and home and garden fairs. Once a potential candidate is identified, they are introduced to current company employees.

The employees serve as screeners to help filter out unsuitable applicants and persuade the top candidate to accept job offers from the company. (Bagnall, 2005) Once suitable individuals are identified, they are promptly provided with the required equipment and work station to fully utilize their skills. At this stage, Saatchi may engage other employees to assist. Saatchi understands that the success of their company relies on attracting highly talented individuals who consistently go above and beyond for the company and themselves.


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