Recruitment Process at Dhaka Bank


Tthe real business situation; therefore, it is an opportunity for the students to know about the real life situation through this program. As a student of Bachelor of Business Administration it is required to submit an internship report. The report is going to be submitted is based on my practical knowledge and experience. This report includes the “Human Resource Management Practices in Dhaka Bank Limited”.

I have joined Dhaka Bank Ltd. as an intern on January 01, 2011. It is required to prepare a report on the experiences of the three months internship period. I have decided to prepare my report on “HR Practice at Dhaka Bank Ltd”. This report has been prepared from my practical experiences.

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Significance and Rationale of the Study

The report covers the recruitment, selection, and training and performance appraisal process of Human Resources Division of Dhaka Bank Ltd. It also covers some socio-economic factors as DBL engages in business side by side doing CSR activities for the betterment of the society. It also covers the overview of Dhaka Bank Ltd. as well as its widespread product and services and operations of other departments. Investigation in different aspects of its faculties as well as problems is assessed in this report. Through this report an endeavor is made to give recommendations for resolving the problems.

Objectives of the Study

The general objective of the study is to analyze and evaluate the Human Resource Management Practices at Dhaka Bank Ltd. Specific objectives:

  • To examine the process of recruitment and selection of the employees.
  • To analyze the training and development program of Dhaka Bank Ltd.
  • To ascertain the performance appraisal process and its implication.
  • To provide suggestions to the HRD of DBL.


  • Difficulty in accessing sensitive data and information.
  • Non availability of some preceding year’s data.
  • Secondary source of data was not sufficient to complete this report.
  • This report includes overall HR Practice at DBL so nothing is in depth here. Scarcity of printed documents to attach with the report.


It was tried to take maximum benefits from the scopes and limitations as much as possible, in order to greater comparatively balanced information for writing the report. Both secondary and primary sources and information have been used to make the Research part presentable with as less abstraction as possible. This report is based on the primary and secondary and also bears the practical knowledge of individual worked in the division during my internship period. So the methodology is the mixture of primary and secondary data with practical knowledge.

Most of the necessary information has been collected by face to face-to-face interview with the people working in different departments. Observational method and experience has been used to prepare this report.

Organizational Profile

Background of Dhaka Bank Limited

Bangladesh economy has been experiencing a rapid growth since the ’90s. Industrial and agricultural development, international trade, inflow of xpatriate Bangladeshi workers’ remittance, local and foreign investments in construction, communication, power, food processing and service enterprises ushered in an era of economic activities. Urbanization and lifestyle changes concurrent with the economic development created a demand for banking products and services to support the new initiatives as well as to channelize consumer investments in a profitable manner. A group of highly acclaimed businessmen of the country grouped together to respond to this need and established Dhaka Bank Limited in the year 1995. Dhaka Bank Limited is the leading Private Sector Bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Personal, Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Lease Finance and Capital Market Services.

Dhaka Bank Limited is the preferred choice in Banking for Friendly and Personalized Services, cutting edge Technology, tailored solutions for Business needs, Global reach in Trade and Commerce and high yield on Investments, assuring Excellence in Banking Services. Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL) is a Scheduled Bank that was incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act. 1994.

The Bank started its commercial operation on July 05, 1995 with an authorized capital of Tk. 1,000 million and paid up capital of Tk. 100 million. The paid up capital of the Bank stood at Tk 2,660 million as on December 31, 2010. The no. of shareholders is 43,256 and its adequacy ratio is 10. 09%. Total reserves of this bank are TK. 3920 million and total assets are TK. 90, 141. 87 million. Earnings per share of this Bank are TK. 6. 31 and net asset value per share is TK. 24. 74 according to the Annual Report 2010.

The Bank has launched Online Banking services (i-Banking), joined a countrywide shared ATM network and has introduced a co-branded credit card. A process is also underway to provide e-business facility to the bank’s clientele through Online and Home banking solutions. Within this short time the bank has been successful in positioning itself as progressive and dynamic financial institution in the country. This is now widely acclaimed by the business community, from small entrepreneur to big merchant and conglomerates, including top rated corporate and foreign investors, for modern and innovative ideas and financial solution.

Strategic Objectives

Objectives of DBL are to conduct transparent and high quality business operation based on market mechanism within the legal and social framework. Greatest concerns are its customers to provide them continually efficient, innovative and high quality products with excellent delivery system.

Its motto is to generate profit with qualitative business as a sustainable ever-growing organization and enhance fair returns to shareholders. DBL is committed to the community as a corporate citizen and contributing towards the progress of the nation as its corporate social responsibility.

Employees are backbone. DBL promotes employees’ well being through attractive compensation package, promoting staff morale through training, development and career planning.  DBL strives for the fulfillment of its responsibility to the government through paying entire range of taxes and duties and abiding the other rules. DBL is cautious about the environment and climatic change and dutiful to make this country a green and clean soil.

Customer Charter

DBL seeks to build long-term, sustainable beneficial relationships with all customers based on service commitments and on its underlying values of mutual respect, the pursuit of excellence and integrity in all its dealings.  Primary concern is to understand and satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. It promises to use all means open to DBL to establish and understand these needs which are both mutually beneficial and respect the values and principles in all its actions.

DBL promises to deal quickly, courteously and accurately with all correspondence between them. When disagreements arise between customer and Bank then DBL undertakes to seek a speedy and equitable solution, which takes account of the rights and obligations of both parties is framed in the context of a long-term and enduring relationship.  DBL believes in openness, integrity, transparency and accountability and provides high standard of services to its valued customers.  It creates customer value, loyalty and equity, which create customer delight over a lifetime of patronage.


Being a service providing organization Dhaka Bank Limited is always concerned with customers’ satisfaction. It is the principle condition to have a long run existence in the banking sector, to have a position in the customer mind. Personnel of this Bank are tried heart and soul. By utilizing the time, effort and experience, employees of this Bank want to have a prosperous growth. The success depends on the customer satisfaction and proper utilization of non-human resources are managed by human resources. So human resources should be selected and trained by in Dhaka Bank Limited in such a way so that they would be capable to do the task significantly.

Recruitment and Selection Program is the most important tools to have the desired employees. Moreover personnel should be trained to develop their performance. It is expected to have standardized performance from the personnel. Performance Appraisal is the program to evaluate employees’ current performance with that of their standard one. Deficiencies are measured and then necessary steps are taken to reduce the gap. It is expected that personnel would take it positively. So Human Resource Division should do its activities being free from any corruption. Fruitfulness of the overall performance depends on the willingness of HRD.


DBL should increase the no. f employees to satisfy its customers. If anybody wants to import then he must have an account. But in DBL if anybody wants to open an account in DBL that time he must have an introducers which was doing anything in the DBL or employee of DBL. For that reason they lost many client or deposit.

In a competitive financial market, their products & services need to focused more on customers’ needs then simply offering what the customers are offering. They should do more marketing activities to improve their presence in the minds of the target market and also the potential target market. As we see that, Media coverage of DBL is not so strong.

To attract new clients, they should go for mass media coverage. Even though DBL is running online business very successfully they should open more ATM booths to meet customer needs and to meet the competitions  The Brochures of the Products and Services of the Bank can be mailed with the welcome letters along with the Statements of the Customers via courier. No extra cost will be incurred in this.

As every activity is done systematically so adequate measures are to be taken to reduce system failure.  Employees should be selected on the basis of their qualifications rather than reference.  Training Program must emphasis on practical thing rather theoretical one.

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