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Application of crm in axis bank



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    Axis bank is using Finacle solutions from Infosys address the core banking, e-banking, mobile banking, financial inclusion, Islamic banking, treasury, wealth management and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide. Core Banking – Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution handles the strategic and day-to-day (or core) processes of banks. E-Banking – Finacle consumer e-banking solution is a proven Internet and mobile solution for retail banking customers. CRM – Finacle CRM solution is a modular, multilingual, web-based customer-centric application that enables banks to leverage ready-to-deploy CRM functionality.

    Treasury – Finacle treasury solution is an integrated yet modular front, middle and back-office solution built on best-of breed open technology platforms, providing high scalability, flexibility and STP capability. Mobile Solutions – Finacle mobile solutions can broadly be classified under two categories: mobile payments and mobile banking solutions. Alerts – Finacle alerts solution empowers banks with the capability to alert end users about events recorded by the bank’s business systems. Web-based Cash Management – Finacle web-based cash management solution is ideal for banks looking to deploy an online cash management solution for their corporate customers. Wealth Management – Finacle wealth management solution is a modular, fully scalable, integrated core banking and investment management system designed for the specific needs of retail and private banks. Finanz Tools – Finanz Tools is an integrated family of tools that engage the bank’s customers in personalized sales illustrations.

    Suitable for larger institutions: Finacle is one of the few ‘open’ core banking applications that runs live sites with volumes going up to a peak of over 12M transactions a day, 17,000+ users, 19M+ customers, 2100+ branches and 3TB of database.

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