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Applied Research Project

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Section A

            Applied research is among the several classifications of studies found under the bigger concept of research. With the thought of applied research in mind, I personally thought of bringing myself as a researcher to finding out answers to questions which would later be “applied” into the field to which the problem relates. In so doing, this would mean that the researcher searches for answers to problems faced by a certain group, a certain set of processes, a failure, and other similar situations.

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Applied Research Project
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Simply put, applied research would bring into one’s mind that the findings of the research would not simply be stored and considered as a set of theories but would actually be applied to everyday processes. Consequently, the recommendations made would turn into tangible goals and achieved through a set of strategic plans.

            There are several challenges expected when one works with applied research. First, the setting where the research is expected to take place would have to be a challenge considering the complexity of the real world at times (Hedrick, Bicman, & Rog, 1993).

There are several extraneous variables that impact on the results and are not within the control of the researcher. Second, the nature of the problems included in the research may require a particular period of time before it is completed. Third, participation from respondents may be low because of the sensitivity of the issue or the availability of respondents.

            In beginning the Applied Research project, it is expected that the researcher would be able to find a feasible problem and is also significant. When one speaks of significance, this means that the problem which requires an answer will be of great help to a particular group. More so, the researcher is looking forward to gaining insights regarding the points of applied research applied in reality.

Section B

            Applied research is used in different fields in order to provide solutions to problems and will consequently benefit the related groups. The scope of applied research includes “those activities frequently distinguished as ‘development’” and “excludes activities of investigators whose choice of problems and manner of attacking them are determined almost entirely by personal curiosity and purely scientific considerations” (Scott, 1952, p. 2).

            One of the largest types of applied research is that of evaluative research where the purpose and intent is to assess the object identified in the research. More so, it provides answers to the questions of whether the goals are achieved, are there insufficiencies in the program, are there areas and means for improvements, and what should be done to the project (Hunter, 2005). Evaluation research, as a form of applied research, is commonly used for project, programs, and other activities that would give the researchers the chance to be informed. There are cases where the program might turn out to be too sophisticated or unneeded considering a new set of circumstances. Thus, research is a valuable activity that provides relevant stakeholders with the information needed.

            Applied research is common to the health care system and is also applicable to a certain extent because of the need for solutions towards problems, information regarding the progress and development of things, and information regarding the status of projects, programs, and activities (Champagne, 2004). There are several other related fields which patronize this type of research because of its usefulness for solving the problems that arise in these fields. The nature of the problems and inquiries that arise today, especially that which relates to the society and certain institutions, certainly demand for applied research.


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