Benefits of Confucianism If Applied to the Philippines

I choose Confucianism because there are a lot of things that Confucianism can do to solve the problem that our country is facing right now like corruption, poverty, terrible crimes, increased case of women and children being violated, and the apathy people show who see no hope for our country. There are many values that Confucianism possesses that have to be applied by Filipinos in their daily lives such as good manners, sincerity, and kindness.

Through these values, Filipinos could attain peace and harmony within themselves and with the struggling society that they live in because if all the people in a particular society are living peacefully and harmoniously, it reflects to the society their in. If the citizens especially those who work in the government practice these values, corruption will certainly cease to exist and cases of poverty will decrease making our country rise from its current state.

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The value of education is also important in Confucius’ teachings because if people are educated they will know how to think, how to work properly, and how to make decisions making them better citizens which ensures a productive future. Education also serves as a fundamental factor that makes a nation successful and well rounded. Filial piety, an important value in Confucianism, should also be practiced by Filipinos in their family because it can help mold our country for the better. Family is considered as a small unit of the government. It is seen as a training ground that prepares us for the future.

It is where our parents instill to us the values that we need to know in order to become productive people of the society. Through filial piety, children will know that the father, who serves as the leader or head of the family, should be strictly obeyed. When these children grow up, they are already accustomed of following their father that they apply it to the government by also obeying the orders of the president and other high ranking officials and in turn, the government should provide the people their rights like how a father provides his children their needs.

This will lessen rallies that oppose the government thus, promoting peace and order. I conclude that in order for Philippines to progress and develop, in order to achieve peace and order, Filipinos should practice Confucianism because this will help our country change for the better making it a productive and successful place which the people once taught of as a hopeless nation.

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