Appropriate Methods to Review Current Leadership Requirements in Organization

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As a top manager in an organization, it is crucial to evaluate personal and professional skills for meeting the company’s strategic goals. Given the rapidly evolving economic situation in Myanmar, there is a necessity to enhance and broaden the business. This essay will analyze the essential skills needed to accomplish the organizational strategic goals of your selected company. The assignment’s structure entails an executive summary that delivers a succinct outline of the company summary.

This is just a sample about myself. I am Ms. Ma Ma, the Managing Director of “ABC Consultancy Company Ltd”. Our company has been a well-established financial consultancy company since 1980, offering customer consultancy services through multiple branches across Myanmar. ABC Consultancy Company Ltd is located in Golden Valley.

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In the Executive Summary, the following information must be included: * Company Name, * Type of Business: Manicuring, Service, or Trading (you can choose from these three), * Start Date or Year, * Nature of Business: Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Cooperatives, Franchises, and * Number of Employees.

I believe I have the following personal and professional skills: time management skill, SMART skills, delegation, stress management, problem solving, decision-making, and effective communication (including active listening, questioning, and conflict handling). These skills were taught by T. Theint and their theory meanings are as follows:

Time management skill Definition (write down)

To align the personal time management table with the goals of your organization, modifications are necessary. It is important to note that this table has been created for learning purposes, so it must be adapted to suit organizational objectives. For instance, if some students have already presented an organizational time management table, such as Jan – March: achieving a 20% increase in sales, April – June: achieving a 40% increase in sales, you can also provide an explanation through graphs. Both personal and organizational time management approaches are acceptable. If tables or graphs are not desired, you can explain the concept through an essay-style format.

SMART skills (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based) Delegation skills; stress management skills; problem-solving skills; decision-making skills; effective communication skills. These skills are taught by T. Theint. You can include some lines definitions.

Professional skills leadership skills; presentation skills. And any others else what you wanna include. You guys can include some lines definitions.

Company Vision, Mission, and Goal (Sample)

Vision Our vision is to extend our Branches to international wide.

Mission Our mission is “providing customers’ satisfaction with our best”.

The aim is to reach a 50% market share in the following year, but additional goals can be added as desired. The strategy employed to accomplish the company’s objectives involves using SWOT analysis to assess the current company situation and achieve the target goal. A 4 square table can be used for SWOT, with sections designated as Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T). Instead of using sample questions, the relevant information should be listed under each category. To attain the company’s target goal, strategies such as developing personal networks, coaching, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will be employed.

Developing personal networks is essential for quality managers and leaders to benefit from others. I believe that knowledge, competencies, and skills shared by groups of people both within and outside of the company are an effective strategy for achieving the company’s targeted goals. This will be mapped out with a reasonable level of detail and can be divided into specific technological requirements for various roles and more general functional business skills. Coaching is also important in this process.

Coaching strategy involves interpersonal communication and guided exercises to facilitate problem solving and improve task performance in colleges. This strategy entails establishing a clear objective and clearly assessing current performance or the existing situation. It also involves generating ideas and alternatives before making a decision, as well as fostering motivation and commitment to taking action. (You can further develop this strategy by comparing it to your organization’s specific goals). This process aligns with Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

I believe that developing a CPD strategy aligned with the organization’s goals can greatly contribute to achieving our targeted goal. It would be beneficial for everyone to compare their CPD strategy with the organization’s goals and include them in their assignments. Feel free to think creatively and go beyond traditional boundaries when writing your MBA assignments. However, please remember to submit a draft soft copy via email three days before the deadline so I can provide editing assistance. Make sure you are aware of the specific requirements for the assignment and good luck! Best regards, T. Khaing

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