Practitioner’s Appropriate Relationships with Parents and Other Professionals

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Explain why the practitioner should develop and maintain appropriate relationships with parents and other professionals. In order to apply curriculum plans it is important to work closely in partnership with the child’s parents.

Relationships with parents are important, having a good relationship with the parents enables strong communication links for whenever there is a problem and when information should be shared within the family, maintaining a connection with parents produces educational achievement as if they children has the attention and care that they should they will work hard to impress their parents/carers and the practitioner would get his/her appraisal, the children’s individual needs will be met if they have good grades and both the child and parents will be satisfied.

Reducing truancy is also a big factor while maintaining appropriate relationships as communicating efficiently will help control such problems as truancy, if there is a good relationship between both the practitioner and parents the parents will have no regret sending them to school as they know the child will be safe and getting all the educational skills needed.

Building a good relationship with parent’s gains trust and the practitioner will get to learn important information such as allergies, behaviour issues and medical concerns. You can ask parents to get involved in things such as, having regular meetings to discuss the child’s progress, having open days and influencing them to help get involved in school plays/ leaving concerts. As well as maintaining relationships with parents, the same applies to other professionals. You are valuing their skills and experiences to gain some yourself.

The benefits of having a good relationship with other professionals would be: There would be a happy working environment for staff so staff won’t be worried with coming into work and the children will receive the care and continuity that they should. The staff will be motivated and would feel more valued and confident. Having shared training event will help improve relationships with professionals. These relationships are very important for a practitioner as it helps make their job easier if they have good relationships with other employees and parents of the children they are responsible for.

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