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Are plastic bags a boon?

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Use of Plastic bags Modern science has helped us in making our lives more comfortable and easy. It has given us everything and more than we wanted. Plastics are one of the greatest Inventions of modern science. Plastics play a major role in our lives. The Inventors of It little knew about it’s harmful consequences that we are facing now as they thought It to be a boon to mankind. Today they are a great threat to the environment. Everywhere around us we find plastic bags as a carrier of all kinds of materials.

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Are plastic bags a boon?
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I have always gone against the use of plastic bags because of Its adverse effects on nature. Plastics are natural hazards and they have become a curse for human as well as animal life. They contaminate the soil and makes It unfit for the plants. All plastics are non-recyclable nor can they be deleted from the face of the earth. It Is the habit of all habit of all human beings to run after cheap materials.

The cheap elastics in which the food are packed, make the food toxic for human consumption.

Those plastics are non- reusable and emit poisonous fumes when burnt. This causes pollution of air. People litter plastic bags after use; they get accumulated in the drains thus blocking them. Their improper disposal causes land pollution. They kill aquatic animals when thrown on water bodies. They choke the entire sewage and drainage system. Plastic bags are hazardous if swallowed by children and animals as they cause choking.

Thus adding up all the disadvantages we can conclude that overusing plastic is fatal’. On looking at the positive side of using plastics we can see that plastics carry bags are wonderful creations because of their extreme light weight and flexibility. They make the food contained in them look attractive and charming. Over all plastic bags are very inexpensive when compared with other bags. Thus we should balance the using of plastics to prevent a polluted future .

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