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Are Zoos Ethical?

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In the wild, it would be a lot harder to tell whether or not a specific animal had an illness. However, John Ball Zoo is too small. In small, packed living spaces like those of John Ball Zoo, it is very easy for sickness to run rampant, making it much harder for the zookeepers to control. While zoos make it easier to keep animals healthy, zoos that are inadequate in size can make disease travel faster. Zoos are critical for the protection of several species.

For species that are endangered and on the brink of extinction or even for species that are stable, zoos are a safe haven.

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Are Zoos Ethical?
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With no natural predators or hunters, the animals are safe. However, in small zoos such as John Ball, the animals can get used to the human presence and become more domesticated. By seeing humans more frequently and crowding around their small habitat, they become more used to the presence of the humans. Therefore, they are no longer the wild animals they once were, but more like mild house pets.

In addition, small zoos do not truly provide a natural setting for the animals. They are not free to roam and wander, they are stuck in a small cage.

A bigger zoo is important so that the animals have more of their natural habitat and they do not have to become comfortable with humans. Although zoos are important for the protection of animals, small zoos do not provide them with their natural habitat and force them to accept the presence of people. Zoos are very helpful in maintaining animal’s nutrition. In nature, it can be hard to find a sufficient food source. This can lead to starvation and malnutrition. Zoos work to develop diets for the animals that will supply their needs and keep them healthy. However, small zoos force animals to give up some of their best food sources.

In small zoos, the cages are not big enough for animals to live with other animals. This is a disadvantage because some animals depend on others for their food. This is called a symbiotic relationship. Small zoos do not provide adequate space for animals to live together and provide each other with services. Although zoos are important for providing sufficient nutrition to animals, the small ones do not have the capacity to let different species help one another. While zoos are important for providing care, protection, and good nutrition, small zoos cannot accurately provide for these needs.

In small zoos, sickness can quickly spread through populations. In addition, small zoos tear animals from their natural habitat and force the animals to get comfortable around people. Finally, small zoos force the animals to be segregated from species that could help them and provide them with services-On the other side, large zoos can quickly eliminate disease from populations, They have plenty of room for species to live with each other and help one another. Finally, they provide a natural habitat for the animals and there would be no pacing back and forth nearly all day.

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