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Argumentative On Thomas Jefferson

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Many agreed that Thomas Jefferson domestic policy was the most effective because Of the man fifes destiny, his strict interpretation to the constitution, and the purchase of Louisiana territory, while others believe that his foreign policy was better because of the British impressments and the embargo act were more important. Many people thought that United States needed some more land because of its growth in population. This lead to the idea of Manifest Destiny, the manifest destiny was the desire of the Ignited States to expand westward.

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Argumentative On Thomas Jefferson
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The idea of the Manifest Destiny helped to the development of United States.

Thomas Jefferson believed in strict interpretation of constitution but in the other hand he wanted to purchase the Louisiana territory from France (DOC Jefferson believed that we need to follow the constitution exactly how it is stated. He believed that everybody should be treated equally; there should be no discrimination against others. In 1803 Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France. He was afraid to purchase it but he wanted to expand he westward of United States.

So he purchases the territory from Napoleon Bonaparte for 15 million dollars. The Purchase of Louisiana territory brought many achievements to the U. S. Some achievements are it double the size of united States, it expanded trading through the Mississippi river to north and south. It went thru from port of new Orleans – gulf of Mexico and it gave access to the Atlantic ocean & pacific ocean that help to trade from Europe easily. Thomas Jefferson helped united States to develop economically and socially by these achievements.

As Thomas Jefferson succeeded to expand westward he faced many significant challenges to solidifying the stability and economy of the United States. He had to face many problems from other nations such as the British impressments. The British impressments was that the British took away American sailors from their ships and forced them to serve in the British Ana. This happened because the American economy grew after U. S brought the territory of Louisiana from French. The U. S had a lot of land and resources to build materials such as wharves, warehouses, and mansions, IS.

S built this and exported to France. This boom France economy too. So the British got mad at this and wanted to fight against the France. British took away American soldiers from their ships and forced them to serve for British navy. The British and France were fighting a war so France wanted help from IS. S. The U. S did not have a stronger navy so Thomas Jefferson asked for a embargo (Doc 3). Embargo means to suspended trade by ordering American ships to stay at their place. Jefferson called for an embargo because the US id not have enough Ana to fight with the British fleet.

So all of the trading stopped in the country till the war ended. Thomas Jefferson brought achievements to U. S but in the other hand there were some problems too. Thomas Jefferson the 3rd president of untied states helps our country to develop in many ways. He brought the territory of Louisiana that it doubles the size of untied states. He helped our countries economy to go from low to high. Jefferson had to face many struggles while doing theses great things for our country. But in the end he succeeds with his goals.

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