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Thomas Jefferson Argumentative Paper

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Thomas Jefferson actually owned slaves with the thought that slavery shouldn’t be contain Thomas Jefferson had many great achievements but his actions make him look like a hypocrite. Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments but he is a hypocrite. Thomas Jefferson disagreed with the whole slavery ordeal yet he owned slaves. He didn’t make an effort to change people’s views on owning slaves. Thomas Jefferson had children with a slave by the name Sally Hemming. She was seven – eighths white and one – eighth black.

She had 6 children with Thomas Jefferson. He kept his children and treated them as slaves.

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Thomas Jefferson Argumentative Paper
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He owned around 300 slaves at one point. He set his children and skilled workers as runaways so they can be free in the north. Thomas Jefferson set rewards for the captures of the runaway slaves. This symbolizes that although he freed the slaves they still weren’t totally free. He is a hypocrite for not believing in the nonage of slavery yet he bearded slave children.

Thomas Jefferson achievements do not overlook his actions which lead to him being a hypocrite. He believed whites were the superior race. He believed that whites had the power over everyone else. He also praised the Indians for any reasons.

This shows that he isn’t sure who is superior over another. He also believed heavily that people should never intermarry yet he had relations and kids with a slave, his own to be exact. Thomas Jefferson praised the Natives only if they followed his views only if they agreed with what k read them out loud. Thomas Jefferson may have been a product of his time but he was a hypocrite. According to Wolf By the Ears, he stated that Thomas Jefferson believed that we should never intermarry and that whites are the us period race. Thomas Jefferson has had an outstanding amount of accomplishments add towards his time at the moment.

His actions may not have been up to par but he did sign the Declaration of Independence, write the constitution, and purchased the Louisiana Territory. Although this may be true, Thomas Jefferson inevitably is a hypocrite for the actions that he made. He owned slaves yet he believed that slavery should be abolished. Thomas Jefferson also praised the Native Americans as long as they accepted your religion. Thomas Jefferson might have been a nice guy and all but he was a hypocrite. In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson has done an exceptional amount of achievements but he is a hypocrite.

He might have believed that slavery is wrong; he still owned slaves and did not much to heal them. Thomas Jefferson might have been multivalent but the focus it that had children with Sally Hemming who is a slave. He believed that all races were less superior to the whites. The whites were superior to the Native Americans. According to him, the Native Americans were almost perfect. All they had to do in return for being treated better was to get on a bus. Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite for many reasons. The bottom-line is that he is a hypocrite and is not a product of his own time.

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