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I observed many greats art works, but one of Valued artwork called my attention, I lost her El Dibble, he can have her don’t want her anymore. Valves, for this work used a serigraphs technique, which consists in reproducing the original image by using silk screen above surface involving stencils Or block outs that keep the ink from being squeezed through the silk. In this artwork Valves only used three ink colors, white,black and brown. In this serigraph the center figure is a man, who is disappointed, sad, fatted and hopeless, because his woman cheated on him with II Dibble.

I came to this conclusion, because the title of this artwork. Also, his face looks heart-broken and he is wearing baggy clothes, because he seems very depressed to take care of his appearance. He is sitting on a wood chair, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. The smoke of the cigarette is combined with a sign on the wall, which says “putt. ” Also there Cruz 2 is a table, on the table; are many objects that each mean something to describe this scene. One of the objects is a picture of his ex, cut in half and there is a knife through the eye of the woman.

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Another figure is two empty beer cans. Also, there are a Visa Card & Master Card ripped in half with loose change next to and two dollar bills, which think represents that she left him because he had no money. The most important object for me is the gun and bullets, because believe the gun and bullets represent how mad he is at El Dibble for stealing his women and maybe he was going to use the gun to shoot him for doing that to him. But, later he decided to give up on her.

The background of this artwork complement the rest of the tragedy of this poor man. I can see the man’s ex and El Dibble, kissing each other behind the man’s back. I also see a window where it shows two houses. On the side of the table, I see an old jukebox, which makes me think that he it’s in a bar. Think the jukebox is there because, playing a sad song for that heart- broken man. There is a angry dog next to the man, and he is growling at the women and El Dibble who are kissing, I predict that the dog is on the man’s side and e is sticking up for him.

Lastly, on the bottom of the serigraph Valued wrote the title of this artwork and also another words liar, cheater, faker, stealer, Indian giver, and scammed. Think, he added these words to emphasize the frustrations of this poor man. This artwork, has many lines and geometrical & asymmetrical shapes. First I will give an examples of lines; the lines on wall, vertical and horizontal lines in the man’s shirt and the vertical lines in the print of El Dibble’s pants. As able to find many geometrical shape like, strangles and squares in the man’s shirt, a cylinder form in the beers cans, a circle in the table and a triangles in the wood floor. Some examples of asymmetrical shapes are; the print of roses in the woman’s dress and the woman’s hair. In conclusion, I like a lot this serigraph, because the thought and feelings of the main character are clear. Also, I like the way Valued used Spanish and English words in this work, which for me is form of represent our culture. Cruz 3 Design in Illustration.

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