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Arthur Fenton

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Arthur Fenton
impulse comes from a person at a distancean uncontrollable impulse.”
“Obsession!” he shrieked, in an ecstasy of delight. “It is the rarest condition.
We have eight cases, five well attested. You don’t mean to say” His
exultation made him hardly articulate. “No, I don’t,” said I. “Good-evening!
You will excuse me, but I am not very w ell to-night.” And so at last I got rid
of him, still brandishing his pencil and his note-book. My troubles may be bad
to hear, but at least it is better to hug them to myself than to have myself
exhibited by Wilson, like a freak at a fair.

He has lost sight of human beings.
Every thing to him is a case and a phenomenon. I will die before I speak to
him again upon the matter. April 12. Yesterday was a blessed day of quiet,
and I enjoyed an uneventful night. Wilson’s presence is a great consolation.
What can the woman do now? Surely, when she has heard me say what I have
said, she will conceive the same disgust for me which I have for her.

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Arthur Fenton
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She could
not, no, she COULD not, desire to have a lover who had insulted her so. No, I
believe I am free from her lovebut how about her hate? Might she not use these
powers of hers for revenge? Tut! why should I frighten myself over shadows?
She will forget about me, and I shall forget about her, and all will be well.
April 13. My nerves have quite recovered their tone. I really believe that I
have conquered the creature. But I must confess to living in some suspense. She
is well again, for I hear that she was driving with Mrs. Wilson in the High
Street in the afternoon. April 14. I do wish I could get away from the place
altogether. I shall fly to Agatha’s side the very day that the term closes. I
suppose it is pitiably weak of me, but this woman gets upon my nerves most
terribly. I have seen her again, and I have spoken with her. It was just after
lunch, and I was smoking a cigarette in my study, when I heard the step of my
servant Murray in the.

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