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The Serbians-Solely Act protests

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The assignment will describe the key characteristics of a whistler’s, determine if the whistler’s reporting was justifiable, and how the Serbians-Solely Act protests the whistler’s. Whistler’s Summary The airline industry continues to have its share of safety issues. Many of these issues causes the mechanic to become involve in false reports just to meet the demands of customers. The airline industry contract maintenance to other companies, but the airlines held accountable for when the contractor do not work with federal requirements.

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The Serbians-Solely Act protests
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In the South West case Chargeable “Bobby” Boudoirs was hired to make sure Southwest airlines were abiding by all federal safety regulations. “These are rules that the FAA makes to ensure the safety of aircraft, and detail such things as regular fuselage inspections, especially for older planes” (Wang, 2013). Fuselage issues has caused many accidents in aviation due to inspectors not reporting the issues that they see during maintenance inspections.

Whistler’s Justifiable Boudoirs was brave to report the unethical behavior of Southwest Airlines and their contractors.

The safety concerns with minor cracks in fuselage on older planes can cause major issue later. These issues with Fuselage has caused the roofs of planes to break apart during flights. Boudoirs realized that Southwest failed to pep up with schedule inspections on the fuselage issues. Boudoirs explained to a supervisor about out dated maintenance schedules on fuselage, but was told it was not a big issue. Inspector Boudoirs told the story of how he found numerous cases in which inspection records were either too mixed up to tell whether the inspections had been done, or showed definitely that planes had gone as long as 30 months past the time when ADS specified they had to be pulled out of service to be 2013). Southwest was unethical for keeping a plane in flight knowing that maintenance reports were pass due. Southwest knows they old be fine millions of dollars for disregarding safety issues due to greed the supervisors tried to cover up Boudoirs complaints.

Serbians-Solely Act The federal government faces challenges every day to create laws to protect weightlessness. There are laws in place to help protect a loyal employee like Boudoirs for becoming a whistler’s. The OSHA program is designed to keep an eye on employers for behaving in a wrongly manner. “The Serbians-Solely Act prohibits any public company from discriminating against any employee who lawfully provides information or otherwise assists in an investigation of conduct hat the employee reasonable believes constitutes a violation of the federal securities laws” (Halberd & Insulin, 2012).

The Serbians Solely Act will help protect Boudoirs for blowing the whistle on Southwest Airlines for the operation of unsafe planes. Conclusion As a customer to many airlines I would support an employee like Boudoirs for being honest when it comes to safety in the airline industry. The FAA along with OSHA takes safety of airlines very serious. Safety will become a more restrict issue in the airline industry. The industry must take steeper responsible and enforce more fines for carrier that falsify safety reports.

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The Serbians-Solely Act protests. (2018, May 21). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/assignment-140/

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