How Living Through the Arab Spring Protests Motivated My Desire to Study Healthcare

The most innocent and nieve part of life is childhood. Unfortunately growing up I didn‘t have the luxury of a safe childhood I vividly remember the spring of 2011, when I would roam around. enjoying the nieve and problem-free days of my youth. and how that came to an abrupt stop. For it was that period when Arab Spring in Bahrain began a series of anti-November protests was a very violent protest outbreak due to the division of religion between the Sinas and Shiaas, where people were enraged by the government favoring the Sinas. We were stripped from our childhood. we weren’t allowed to play out in the garden, we were told to keep to ourselves, and grownups were always standoffish. etc. Instead of the joyful smell of flowers filling the spring air we got adapted to the smell of tear gases and burning tires.

Military tanks roaming the streets along with police cars were a regular sight. Outbreaks of angry protests filled the streets regularly, and conflict would always break out to bring those protests to a stop, the places where I called home soon became the place that I feared the most. To this day, I remember the chants filling the streets where even human rights were endangered. What scared me the most was a vivid memory I still carry with me to this day. Going to the hospital during that time I remember falling ill and having to go to the hospital one feverish night I remember my dad being at alert, and finally arriving at the hospital, where I was half asleep. I was finally confronted with a horrific sight, the hallways flooded with people facing severe injuries left untreated. and police officers roamed the hospital looking for any criminals who participated in the uprising. to deny them proper healthcare and sentence them for their “crimes”.

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People with open wounds begging for medical care and doctors are being forced to not provide any treatment. That’s when I knew that I not only wanted to help create a difference but that I needed to. I saw right before my innocent child’s eyes people were denied healthcare to people with severe conditions. bleeding, dying. Since then years went by and the uprising was silent, but conflicts within did not die. Though my childhood was scary I was thankful that my eyes were open to such problems within my society, it gave me a purpose to pursue. That I wanted to improve the health care in my country and to never let it go down the same road as before I pursued business classes and grew quite {and of it. I took Business management and scored a 6, that‘s when I knew that through my love for business, I would be able to help. I dedicated myself to study Health Administration because I know that I have what it takes to provide better health care to the people of my country. To be able to create a difference and better people’s lives.

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