Assignment 5.1 writing minor scales

This week’s Assignment consists of viewing a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc. , reading an article about integrity in leadership, and writing a two-page double- spaced paper. Integrity in leadership is absolutely essential. ” In today’s world more companies are looking for people with integrity to head their organizations. ” It is because of the lack of integrity that financial turmoil is happening in the world today. If you have integrity you will go somewhere in life. Greenville Silkier said, “You are already consequence in the world if you are known as a man of strict integrity. ” Without integrity no real success is possible. “Trust is the key ingredient in leadership. If you cannot engender trust, you are unlikely to find many who are interested in following your lead. They assume that you are making the right choice based on ethics and proper morals. ” Sometimes integrity may be considered an old fashioned word in businesses environment.

Integrity is defined among other things as ” being true to one’s values. ” When a leader has a set of clearly defined values that determine the actions and decisions they take. Strong leaders must be consistent. Integrity breeds consistency by providing clear set of principles to follow. With the proper amount of integrity a leader will follow through and do what is right. When integrity is maintained, positive results don’t need to be questioned or worried over.

If you want to see successful leadership in your life you need to have integrity. “Integrity is what we, do, what we say, and what we say we do”- Don Gather. “Don Gather sums it up well in a short statement. As a man of integrity, your word is your bond. Integrity is an important part of leadership. Leadership is often clear as day when witnessed firsthand, without integrity a leader may find that no one is willing to follow him.

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