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It is your responsibility to ensure the service users physical needs, comfort and dignity are met to the highest standards of care. Your role as a Health Care Assistant you must provide all personal care and attention for each resident and to follow the activities of daily living in accordance with the planned care management. You must read all care plans that are up to date, this is so you know the service users requirements so they are not put at unnecessary asks to themselves or other service users.

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The duty of care affects use as Health Care Assistants because it is our duty to provide the highest standard of care, we must keep attending training courses to update our knowledge. We must be fully aware of all the police’s and procedures, laws and regulations such as the Humans rights Act and the codes of practice. You must be aware of signs and symptoms of abuse and how you can report what you have witnessed.

Health Care Assistants must have regular supervision and appraisals this is to see how o are progressing.

Working with in the limitations and requirements of your job role and description is extremely important because you will be responsible for you actions. If you go beyond your job role you are putting yourself, visitors, service users and employees at risk of potential harm. You could potentially neglect or abuse your service user which can cause death. Working in the care industry is rewarding because you are providing care and support for the vulnerable.

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