Pakistan and Bangladesh behaviors

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I heard that APP is the best University for business subject. Think this is my best decision because I have a lot of friends there. So, with the help from my friends, we could hold our dreams together. Next, we could study together to get flying color results. They also could be my loyal supportive whom they would give me a spirit to come up in my life. In order to excel in business, I think APP is the right choice because I can learn more about IT in business. 2. Which degree course have you chosen? I already checked and believed this is my opportunity to learn more business in degree later.

However, I do not decide yet which business that I will pursue in APP because there is lot of branches in business which are business management with specialist in E-Business, international business management or business in human resources. However, I think business in human resources is the most I like because I have relatives who do the same and they also have a large income. Only have to decide later after the foundation because I want to success in my foundation first and then I will continue which part of business ranches that I think I could do well in my degree.

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Moreover, the place of APP is nearly SKI. So, it could easy for me to go around finding my research and attending Sols Program during my weekend. 3. What foundation course have you chosen and where the foundation allowed you to do the degree course that you want? I will do my foundation in business management in APPC. There, I will learn how to communicate effectively verbally and in writing to a given audience in order to gain trust from customers. Once learn how to write in my proposal, I could gain confidence that will success n my business.

Next, I could be ready to become an effective member of the working community. Then, I will continue and succeed in further / higher education. After finished the foundation, I will think which one the best decision based on my project that I have done. 4. Why did you change the course? Before this I chose TEST in Inter, but I think this course was not suitable with me because had to take American English and this was so difficult to me to carry this subject. That is why I really want to change my COUrse. I have to push myself very hard to stand as my friend high level standard.

I know they are more opportunity before me, so that they could stand as a high level. I realized something when my lecturer taught English, there already knew it before. They also have a wide knowledge and they really understood in English. So, I hope in APP I will teach more in my subject also English. Based on my CPM result, I just got C+ in English language. So, it cannot deny that I have a strong power to do well in business because I got A in commerce during CPM examination. Think my character suits to business because I love to talk to people and I have an experience as a seller in bookstore. . What job do you think you can get in the future from studying your degree course? A bachelor’s degree is generally the preferred academic education. Some schools offer meetings management degrees, but real-world experience may be the most important factor in getting a job. So, I will be getting a great- experience in APP based on my internship. In terms of job advancement, I might move from a small organization to a larger one, or gain additional certifications or credentials through continuing education that may help with finding higher- eying work.

Over time and with experience, I could open my own meeting planning firm or become an independent consultant. Hence, with the skill that I have, I would consult the workers and employers. 6. Do you think your degree will help you to support your family and community in the future? Definitely yes, because I will try my best do well in my job. I will make sure that I can support my family with my finances and expose them about business. To expose them about business, I wish some of my siblings could trail my step. For the community, I hope I will contribute something to hem.

I know I have been blessed while PENETRATE gave me this opportunity to continue my study, so in the future I would like to pay all the kindness that my scholar had given to me. As the paid, I will be a volunteer to help my community to give them education in English in my village. I also want to achieve more than the community think. 7. Are you confident that you will do well in foundation and degree course? Why? I absolutely will do well in my foundation and degree because that is my ambition. Want to be a good business. Before this, I already took commerce n my CPM examination, and I did well which I got A for the commerce.

So, I will confident that I will do well to in my foundation and degree. During I studied for the commerce in class, I would imagine that I can be a great business woman. On the effort that I put, I always did well during my examination in commerce. Really like the subject, and I want to be the next billionaire in Malaysia. In childhood, I already learnt how to sell the things. During 8 years old, my sister and I rode the bicycles to buy some staffs in the market, and then we would sell it to our friends until the staff was sold. We felt very happy because all the things that we want to sell were successful.

In the other hands, really believe that I could be the successful person one day as long as I keep my effort, use all the skills that I have and be confident all the time. 8. How will you ensure that you will do well in your course? What the preparation? I will ensure that I do well in my course because that is my passionate. I trust if somebody has eager to do something, they will do well even though many obstacles they have to face. Same goes to me. As my opinion, to include in business is not a simple thing. We have to face all kinds of hardship like Tan Sir Tony Fernando.

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