How Science and Technology Has Affected Weapons and How He Military Conducts War?

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Technology has made a tremendous impact on modern warfare in the military. Science technology has provided the military with some amazing tools to use for combat. The rocket propelled grenade is one of those amazing tools as well as improvised explosive devices which come in three different forms. Science technology has also provided the military with useful tools such as; man-portable air defense systems, the reconnaissance satellite, unmanned aerial vehicles, and armed Drones.

Technology seems to keep improving and weapons will keep upgrading. Internet has affected the military is o many great ways! The internet allows soldiers to communicate with family members much easier and can keep meetings back home via video chat. Orders can be given using the internet and the status of the orders can be checked using many methods via internet. The internet provides detailed locations to be provided easier to the troops resulting in fewer soldier casualties, fewer civilian casualties, and less collateral damage. The internet has tremendously helped the military save lives, fight, locate, and communicate with family.

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The most recent form of science in the military is unmanned drones. The first form of unmanned drones flew over German during World War II dropping radio controlled bombs. (Bowdon, M. 2013). Mark Bowdon (2013), states that “An unmanned predator drone was used to find Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in the year 2000”. These drones have cameras and sensors that are connected to an international communication line which allow them to see or find anything. Unmanned Drones have become the most deadly, discerning use of powerful force that has ever been created.

If technology keeps increasing at this rate war will be transformed forever! War old become similar to a video game that would happen in real time and be controlled by remote control with unmanned weapons. These weapons are also less expensive for the military in the long run in terms of money and saving lives. War will also start to occur more frequently because of the ease of use and cost savings from using unmanned drones to fight instead of soldiers. Drones allow “these cubicle warriors can drive home to have dinner with their families” (Mayer, J. 2009).

Science & Technology Changing Weapons Forever Science and technology have helped the military gain use of many amazing weapons. These weapons keep developing and improving over time. One great weapon technology and science has helped the military gain is the rocket propelled grenade which is also called a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher allows grenades to be launched, up to one mile, from a tube shaped device. This keeps troops safe from harm and still allows them to fire on enemies. “The idea of remaining safe while attacking from a distance has been and always will be a major driving force when it comes to inventing weapons” (Speck, S. 998-2014). The rocket launcher has been incorporated into vehicles that are used by the military.

The RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher is robust, simple, lethal, and extremely popular; and as it exists today, the RPG-7 is the result of many years of revisions and modifications” (Speck, S. 1998-2014). “We have no greater responsibility than providing for the safety and security for our citizens, allies, and partners, while providing an economic environment that promotes opportunity and prosperity’ (President of the United States, Bark Obama. Feb.. 2013).

The President of the United States, Bark Obama (Feb.. 01 3), claims that the military should uphold this promise by using “improvised explosive vices (Deed’s)” in order to scare, harm, and “intimidate” any persons or leaders worldwide that stand in the way of this law being upheld. These Deed’s have also grown over time and cause tremendous amounts of damage. In the mid 1 cays explosives were loaded onto ships and sent to a destination to explode, killing hundreds of people. “Jury-rigged bombs and mines were used in our own Civil War, such as; at the naval battle of Mobile Bay and the land battle of Petersburg” (Singer, P. 012).

Even though these Deed’s have evolved over time, becoming better each time, they are rarely used in battle and are only chosen f no other weapon is accessible. They had a very high rate of blowing up the person using the DIED. With Man Portable Air Defense System (MAPS) missile is a highly effective weapon and the missile offers little opportunity for a warning before impact” (Global Security. 2000-2014). Although these weapons are impossible to travel with, they do an amazing job at protecting fixed sites.

The MAPS are portable up to one hundred feet, but can be easily hidden by medium to thick shrubbery. The MAPS missile is used to shoot aircraft down as it attempts to invade United States territory. The unmanned aerial vehicles re much better known as Drones. Drones are aircraft that do not carry human pilots, but are rather controlled by people outside the air craft. There are different types of Drones, ranging from ground Drones, air craft Drones, and remote controlled drones that carry out either task. Drones can be disposable or recoverable (reusable), as well as perform lethal or nonlinear duties.

The unmanned aerial vehicle market is driven by the reduced risks associated with the use of commercial and defense sectors that have created a demand for performing complex operations with reduction in the need for human intervention” (Scotchman, N. 2009). Military use of these Drones has had rapid growth “from 300 in 2002 to nearly 7000, six years later (2008)” (Scotchman, N. 2009). Chart shown below: Unmanned Drones The unmanned Drones are easier to access, easy to create and launch, most cost efficient, and save the lives of many soldiers because they fly themselves, controlled by a remote of many types.

The ARQ-2 Pioneer is an unmanned airborne automobile that was used by the “Marine Corps, Navy, and Army from 1986 until 2007” (JAVA Global. 2014). The ARQ-2 Pioneer was originally positioned n board battleships and was meant to offer munitions locating, but its primary duty progressed over time. Primary functions included; weaponry locating and attainment, manage secure skies, scouting and observation, combat damage appraisal, exploration and liberate, and completes psychosomatic procedures. These models were very light weight and could carry their weight in explosives.

These Drones did a great deal of damage, but were replaced a few years later by the newer Shadow model. The ARQ-7 Shadow was created in the early 1 ass’s, but was not used until the late sass’s. This JAVA was purpose-built strategically by the U. S. Army and Marine Corps. The ARQ-7 Shadow came furnished “with an electro- optical and infrared sensor turret that collects video during day or night and is used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition” (Olive-Drab. 1 998 2014). These models carry a very heavy payload and can do much more damage than other models.

The military has mass ordered these to be utilized within the next few years. They are easy to use and easy to access in almost any weather conditions. These models are also build with a heavy duty system that includes Gimbals-mounted, digitally-stabilized, liquid nitrogen-cooled electro-optical/ infrared camera and relays video in real time via a C-band line-of-sight data link to the ground control station” (Olive-Drab. 1998 – 2014). The Rear-Firmament ARQ-II Raven is a small lightweight unmanned aircraft system for providing intellect, observation, and scouting to help the United States soldiers safe from dangers.

The Raven -11 B offers concurrent nonstop responsiveness and locates information for U. S. Air Force, U. S. Army, and U. S. Marine Corps. It offers in-flight observation up to a range of ten kilometers and livers concurrent color or infrared images. ‘The Raven system consists of three air vehicles, two ground control stations, one reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition kit and one field repair kit” (Barr Group Aerospace. 2014). The kit is used for mission planning, autonomous flight operations and mission product archiving.

It contains consumable items for operations and maintenance. The Raven displays real-time video and imagery and carries out the processing, retrieving and storing. It facilitates retransmission of videos and can function as a remote video terminal to allow command centers to view and analyze the data. The U. S military demanded for an unmanned drone aircraft from Boeing Phantom Works for persistence intellect and observation specifically for combats in Afghanistan. Boeing Works developed the Phantom Eye aircraft to be a high altitude, long endurance, hydrogen powered spy plane.

It completed an eighty hour test in altitude and was displayed in SST. Louis Missouri where the aircraft’s coverage and capabilities were documented and itemized. It was shipped to NASA Dryden Centre in California for its first medium speed taxi test which was a success. During the first flight it reached four thousand feet tit a speed of sixty-two knots for twenty-eight minutes but had a pretty bad landing with medium amounts of damages. The second test was successful as the Boeing Phantom climbed an altitude of eight thousand feet and held it for sixty-six minutes.

The airliner has one-hundred-fifty feet wingspan with the capacity to carry four-hundred-fifty pound load. The engines are multiple turbo charger systems, powered by hydrogen, and provide more than one-hundred- fifty horse power and this is the main characteristic that makes this makes this Drone the most economical. The X-BIB is an unmanned strike aircraft that was instructed by Northrop Grumman without a tail and expanded due to the Navy’s Demonstration plan. The X-BIB was launched in 2007, but it was not until 2013 that the X-BIB productively revealed its transporter-based launches and recoveries.

Clay Dillon states that on “July 2013 was the first time an autonomous war plane had completed a catapult launch from a carrier deck”. Northrop Grumman is presently working to upgrade the X-BIB in the near future in order for it to be more incognito, faster, carry more weight, and be mass produced at a more reasonable price for military use only. This is the first and only Drone hat does not run off a remote control, but is rather controlled by a computer on the ground, sensors that are located on board, and soldiers that are on carriers.

Internet’s Effect on the Military “Troop-Tree is a free private video messaging platform for military families to stay in touch with their loved ones overseas” and this program also allows video messages to be left for one another at any time and can be checked at any time the receiver gets the message. (Burroughs, S. 2013). There are other video chat programs that allow troops to communicate with family or friends, free of charge. These programs have been known to help married couples stay together and stay happy with each other as well as allowing soldiers to communicate with their children.

It is very important for children to have both parents active in their lives and the internet has allowed this to happen! The soldiers have access to internet through internet cafes, recreation centers, and personal internet access from the soldier’s personal computer used via Wi-If on base. The Reconnaissance satellite started out as a very small satellite that would only travel short distance and take strictures to return with inform saved in its internal memory. The Reconnaissance satellite is now a reproduction outpost initiated in order to present military intelligence information of alien countries.

This satellite travels the world in order to return with a great deal of information on other countries. The Reconnaissance satellite is composed of four most important categories; forewarning satellites perceive adversary rocket launchings, nuclear-bomb discovery satellites are intended to perceive and recognize blasts in outer space, photograph-observation satellites supply pictures of adversary forces actions ND the operation of international weapons, and electronic-exploration satellites perceive and document radar broadcasts (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. 2012).

The internet and satellites have provided soldiers a way to say alert, stay safe, and stay in contact with family and friends. This has been a great benefit to the United States military and their families. The Future of War “Drones have proven themselves on many occasions…. Their future is assured. The big question that is now being asked is; how big of a future will that be” (Noon, M. 2013). Since technology keeps increasing at a very progressive ate the way United States conducts war will be transformed forever! War savings from using unmanned drones to fight instead of soldiers.

Since the unmanned Drones are remote controlled by a person outside of the aircraft, I feel the future of war will be very similar to playing a video game. The suppliers of these Drones embrace there is total ethical exclusion not in favor of unmanned aerial vehicles use, but on the other hand others have ethical concerns with the use of these weapons, and some people disagree with this type of remote controlled combat which must cause moral doubt even though it’s not forbidden n theory. The Drones will be controlled by soldiers on the ground and will have the ability to demolish hundreds of people with one simple strike from a Drone.

Other counties are using the unmanned Drones also, but do not have a plentiful supply as compared to the United States. The unmanned Drones are inexpensive for the United States military to make and keep up with and these technological advanced weapons are very price for other countries to purchase or mock. Since Drones can be reused this saves the United States money when battling. The Drones can be mass produced for the military to use and are very liable weapons that cause a great amount of damage. “In the past seven years the sophistication of drones has increased dramatically’ (Noon, M. 013) and explains why these machines are becoming so popular.


The history of weapons in the military has shown great improvement over time and weapons have become a thousand times more deadly than when they originated. Technology, through science and the internet, has helped improve weapons by being able to locate, remote detonate, and having the ability to do this with the hands-on control of a human being. Drones have become a new rend in the military and I foresee them being the future of all wars.

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