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    On May 13, 2013 Google announced the erg of their free storage across Gamma, Google Drive, & Google+ Photos allowing users up to KGB of free storage to use across their accounts. As of September 2013, the Gamma service provides 15 KGB of free storage per account. The Gamma Labs feature, introduced on June 5, 2008, allows users to test new or experimental features of Gamma, such as bookmaking of important email messages or custom keyboard shortcuts. Users can enable or disable Labs features selectively and provide feedback about each of them.

    This allows Gamma engineers to obtain user input about new features to improve them. Tabbed inbox: In mid-2013, Google updated the Gamma inbox with tabs that allowed the application to categorize the user’s email messages. The five tabs are: Primary, Promotional, Social Messages, Updates, and Forums, and also appear in Gamma’s mobile version. In addition to customization options, the entire update can be disabled, allowing users to return to the traditional inbox structure. Compose: When we click mouse on compose a new message box is shown . Len this message box we attach receiver email address and subject.

    If we want to attach any comment in that case we will click attach file option and attach file. After complete writing the message then click the send option.. Inbox: All messages that are you receive are assemble here. All messages are categorically arrange by tabbed inbox. Starred: Use stars to easily mark certain messages as important or to indicate that you need to reply to them later. Important: After open a message we can understand what message is important. To reply this message we make the message important by Press = (or + ? Shift-= on a U. S. Keyboard).

    You can also click the Mark as important button; it shows a tag with a “4” sign. Sent mail: In this part shows how many messages we are send by using this mail address. Circles: If we’re a Google+ user, our circles will be displayed below our custom contact groups in the Contact Manager. This way, we can easily see who’s in our circles from within the Contact Manager. Spam Filter: Gamma’s spam filtering features a community-driven system: when any user marks an email as spam, this provides information to help the system identify similar future messages for all Gamma users.

    Users may tune the system to allow mail marked as spam to be handled in particular ways. Gamma chat: Although Gamma is not a well known chatting side, but you can chat with your friend through Gamma. Whether your friend is in online it show green dot so you can chat with him. Extra sec ritzy features: Gamma give you more security than other email websites. It has verify code that send to your mobile set so that Gamma ensure that you are the righter of this email address. Language input: Now Gamma is available in 57 languages. So most people can use Gamma in their own language.

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