Innovation From Googles Free Food Strategy

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The very successful Technology Industry based company has been very successful and been named as the best employer to work for several times since it opened its doors in 1998. We will look at their Mission Statement and business strategy and how they use employee benefits to draw and keep the best employees.

Mission and Business Model Goggles Mission Statement is one that does not include a lot of the components that are used to evaluate a quality mission statement. It fails to accompany the customer, concern of survivability or public image amongst other things, but at the sometime this small open minded Mission Statement accomplices the company as a whole and their “Open Innovation” philosophy. (Currencies, 2013) The Google business model is a ‘Business Model Canvas’. As world leading Technology Company and the most popular search engine on the internet.

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They eave built an extremely successful primary pay stream with the Cost per Click (COP) in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement. (Stewarded, 2013) This has accounted for most of the revenue the company generates despite recent ventures into new markets. They have started purchasing companies such as Nest to attempt to generate new revenue streams as well as start the Google APS, Android and other opportunities. With this movement Google has steadfast and is continuing to stay with the same business model. Goggles Culture and Leaders

Google’s culture is to keep an open environment the same as a startup company would be between employees and management. They continue to fill their ranks with people that believe in what they are doing and taking care of those people to retain them and push them to be creative with what they enjoy. They believe in working with smaller teams to promote team work, but encourage to help where you can even if it is to help another team in a different area. Google has identified people that they want as their leaders and management is consistent and fair people with their decisions.

People that are predictable with their decision making fosters freedom within their teams as they know what to expect. They have employees rate their managers twice a year so the company can help develop their managers where their weaknesses are and make them better leaders. (Bryant, 2013 Fostering Innovation with Amenities Google founders have built the company the way they wanted and what they would want their employers would do for them. They have created an environment that fosters innovation and creativity with the freedom to purse your interest as well as accomplishing your team goals.

They want a complete open culture that is felt within a new startup company would have to make the employees feel free to talk to anyone within the company, including the founders, at any time. They offer amenities such as free meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Free concierge services to help you run errands, Free Shuttle Service, gyms and workout classes, and the 80/20 Rule amongst other things. The most talked about amenity that Google offers their employees is the free meal program.

They feature over 25 cafe©’s that offer lunch and dinner, plus any snack stations throughout the campus that makes it where you are never more than 150 feet away from food. The cafes have some of the best chefs from around the Bay Area and create some of he best food in the area. This helps to keep employees working more areas as they do not have to leave the campus for an hour to get lunch, or to need to leave early to cook dinner. This has also helped with productivity because the employees do not feel that sluggishness from being hungry.

This has also lead to the dreaded “Google 15” in regards to the 15 pounds people gain in the first year from all the great food. At least they do have the gyms, climbing walls and classes to help with that. One of the perks that Google offers their employees is the 80/20 rule. This rule allows for employees to work 1 day a week on passion projects that they believe will benefit the company. (Smith, 2013) There has been some quality innovations come from this ability such as Google Chrome, and Google Plus.

This also is a good way for the employees to feel free and reduce stress as they can spend time on the things they love. My Culture View Goggles business philosophy of putting their employees at the top of their oratories and give them their freedoms is wonderful environment to be in. They foster this work environment that helps an employee to become the best they can as they have a freedom to think outside the box and be innovative and bring what you know and what you’re passionate about to the table.

When an employer takes care of their employees the top talent stays with the company and is loyal to them. It also attracts the top new coming talent to want to work for them. This gives the employer the ability to choose the talent they want, instead of the talent selecting whether they want to be there. This works great for Google but not all parts of their perks may not be the best approach for all companies. I think having something like the 80/20 rule would not work for something like a call center in which it is more of a directive driven position.

I believe all companies can see what Google has done and take notice and look at themselves to see where they can take aspects to help them make their companies more desired to work for and be loyal to. I personally would love to work at Google or a company that treat their employees with respect, provides redeem in work, and promotes innovation and the ability to better yourself as you help benefit the company.

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