Assignment Rebecca Little

Commonly-Stone is a reliable source because it is written in a well-respected New Zealand journal that was in publication from November 1993 and June 2011. It is published through the Ministry of Social Development. Think it is a reliable source because the Ministry of Social Development is a government department that deals with the welfare of the people of New Zealand. I think it will be useful in developing my essay because there is a lot of useful information from authors with backgrounds in social work, social policy and law.

A downside to this source is that it covers the social policy of the Treaty of Waiting instead of the whole treaty. This entry also talks about the impact of the Treaty of Waiting on the health sector which is the area that I mind most interesting and is a sector I would like to learn more about. A weakness of this journal entry is that some information is from sources that cannot be referenced like a conversation so this could show there are parts of the entry that are not factual. The Treaty of Waiting: An Explanation. By A.

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Nougat (1963) think this online resource is reliable and credible because the author is a well- known and respected Moor politician and he is known for his work in protecting Moor culture and rights. This shows me that he would have a good knowledge of the treaty and the importance of it on New Zealand. This article will be useful to me in writing my essay because it refers to the effect that the treaty had on the Maori people and the importance of how the treaty was translated, the differences of the two translations and the confusion that followed.

The confusion is explained in the article and it compares the two versions of the treaty. The weaknesses of this source is that it is translated into English so there may be some parts that have different definitions then what the author intended it to be. It is also difficult to find any reference to this piece of work in other areas. Also find that the article is written in a block of writing with not many heading so it will be difficult finding the information relevant to my essay topic. The Treaty of Waiting Companion. By V. Maloney, B. Sterling and W.

Penitent (2010) This book refers to the importance of the Treaty of Waiting and how it has changed since it was created and signed in 1840. I think it is a credible source as it was published through the University of Auckland. It has a vast bibliography from many different types of sources including official publications and legal publications which shows me that it is a reliable source of information or my essay. This book will be useful in my development of my essay because it covers how the treaty effects people, not only when it was signed but also of its importance in modern life.

It also discusses what conflict arose from the differences in the two versions of the treaty that were created and how that conflict was handled by the Moor people and the Europeans. A weakness of this book is that it doesn’t have an in-depth look at any of the topics covered so it would be hard to follow and get enough information on the importance of the Treaty of Waiting without having to read every topic covered and summarizing hat the whole text is about.

Treaty of Waiting. By C. Orange (2009) think this encyclopedia article is reliable because it is written in the encyclopedia of New Zealand (Et Era) which is written by a famous historian whose most notable work is the first comprehensive study of the Treaty of Waiting in the 1987 book ‘The Treaty of Waiting’ which shows me that she has an excellent understanding of the treaty and the importance of it.

This article will help me write my essay as it is written in a way that is easy to understand. It has a short summary of the article which is a good overview of the article then here is a more in depth version which I will use to get more in depth information and specific facts of the importance of the treaty. It is written in simple English which makes it easier to understand and also talks about the effects on life in the 20th century and how we still honor the treaty to this day.

One weakness of the article is that it is written in a timeline so I will have to take bits from each part and fit it together. I also think this could be an advantage as well as it would help me order my essay in to a timeline of what happened and when. Et Trite o Waiting and Community Development. By M. L. Tankers (May, 2004) think this paper is a reliable source of information as it was presented at a community development conference in Christopher. M. L.

Tankers is the head chairperson for the Et Rank Ski Tahiti O Kaki Utah Trust which supports and provides guidance on bi cultural matters. I think this article will help guide me in writing my essay because it talks about the importance of the Treaty of Waiting in the community and how it effects everyday living. It talks about the relevance of the treaty in the present which will help me write about what importance he treaty has to the modern generations.

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