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I would wish to convey to your attending one of my new patients, Arnold Curwing. Mr. Curwing, 21, lives a quiet life entirely withdrawn from his household and friends. He has lived these past 12 old ages in defeat and isolation, unable to be confident, unable to show feelings. This was shown when he came in to my office that twenty-four hours with his custodies in his pocket, shirt non tucked and leaning his caput towards the floor ; avoiding oculus contact. He had really hapless pass oning accomplishments and plus he had been really nervous. I understand that before the accident, Mr. Curwing was one time a really charming and enthusiastic male child. One whom I should advert was really fond of his older brother and greatly admired him. I have clearly reviewed a elaborate incident with Mr. Curwing, an incident which has been the most of import factor in determining Arnold ’ s life picks and his province of head.

The twenty-four hours of the accident, Eugie had promised Arnold that he would travel pick peas with him. Arnold carried his 22-caliber rifle with him trusting that “ ? if there were any ducks? he ’ vitamin Ds take a shooting at them. ” ( p.1 ) On their manner to picking peas, they had to mount “ ? through the wire fencing that divided the wheat field from the boggy grazing land around the lake. ” ( p.2 ) Eugie had gone foremost. When it was Arnold ’ s turn, his rifle caught on a wire and accordingly fired. The following minute, his brother, Eugie fell frontward, dead.

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Some would propose that Arnold, being the youngest, was covetous, but the grounds suggests that Arnold greatly admired Eugie, doing his decease even more traumatic. Eugie was the eldest in the household. He was tall and had a really good figure: “ Arnold ne’er tired of watching Eugie offer soundless congratulations unto himself. ” ( p.2 ) Arnold greatly admired his brother and wished to be merely like Eugie when he grew up. He wondered that, “ ? if when he got to be Eugie ’ s age he would still be undersized and his hair still straight. ” ( p.2 ) Clearly, Arnold wanted to be like his brother. Therefore, when Arnold noticed the bright blood of his brother, “ ? like that of a parasite, ” (p.3 ) he became frightened. In fact, he was in entire daze and did non cognize what to make. The decease of his brother made him experience as if he had merely lost a portion of his ain life.

Arnold ’ s feelings about his brother ’ s decease can explicate his behavior following the decease. First of all, Arnold, traumatic from the accident, did non cognize what to make. All he remembered was the ground why they had gone out that forenoon ; to pick peas. Arnold seemed unagitated about the accident because he was in daze. In world, he was besides scared to travel home right off, non cognizing how the remainder of the household would respond. These feelings were noted while he was picking the peas: “ ? his custodies were unusual to him, and non until some clip had passed did he gain that the cods were blunting his fingers. ” ( p.3 ) He was left with no feelings. “ When he got up his legs were so stiff that he had to travel down on his articulatio genuss again. ” Just as Arnold was in physical hurting, and didn ’ t recognize it, he besides did non instantly recognize his emotional hurting.

The reaction of the household instantly after they found out about accident scared Arnold even more. He ended up concealing up in the loft, to be as far off from his household as possible. Arnold thought that, “ ? he would remain up in the loft everlastingly, out of the way. ” ( p.3 ) His fright of his household could perchance be attributed to their unusual reaction to him. As good possibly, Arnold felt that he was non really utile and he w

as ne’er certain if he would turn out merely like his brother: he knew that he had taken something he could ne’er replace. This is non Arnold’s mistake though, he was deficiency of all the other attendings his brother got that he ne’er got. To do affairs worst, Arnold had to confront everyone else’s reactions and remarks about the whole accident, “ ? the others set their cold, disruptive silence against him.” ( p.4 ) He noticed that both the sheriff and his Uncle Andy had, “ ? thought he was cruel? and didn’t attention about his brother.” ( p.4 )

This gave a batch tenseness to Arnold for he didn’t understand why he was blamed for something that he did non make on intent. Finally, as the other household friends arrived at the house, things get worst for Arnold. Everyone was speaking about Eugie, disregarding the nowadays of Arnold. Arnold was a pretty bright male child, and had feelings excessively. What the others did non take in history was that he was traumatised from the whole accident, hence did non cognize how to respond. He did non necessitate all the unneeded remarks that were made by everyone else. “Not a tear in his oculus, ” said by his Uncle Andy and “He didn’t give a hoot, is that how it goes? ” ( p.5 )

Added his Uncle Sullivan. These remarks were non appropriate at all. They were doing remarks non cognizing that the bright nine old ages old understood every word that was spoken. This was a really intense minute for Arnold. He had non received any comfort from his household at all. What they did non cognize was that Arnold was the 1 who suffered the most hurting. There was no 1 at that place to soothe him. He needed person to care for him and he had realised that the lone individual whom he truly depended on was dead now. He was despairing and eventually hoped he would acquire alleviation from his female parent by demoing her how sorry he was and hopefully in return she will give him her love and apprehension.

Alternatively, his female parent refused to listen to him when he knocked on her door in the center of the dark. Arnold was left with sorrow and trouble all to himself and no 1 to portion it with. Just believe, what do most people do when they are in defeat or heartache, they turn to their household or friends for aid. Arnold did non hold either, so one can experience how Arnold must hold felt. He had no 1 to speak to and this is what brought him to be so cold and calculated in his reaction to the universe these past 12 old ages.

Arnold has suffered a great sum of hurting due to the incident, which besides has changed the manner he thinks and the manner he looks at the universe around him. At this phase I would wish to propose some therapy plans for Mr. Curwing. He has suffered many old ages of heartache. I would wish him to reacquaint with his household and friends since he does non pass a batch of clip with them. They should be cognizant of Arnold ’ s feelings guaranting that they will slowly demo him how much they care about him, giving him all the love and support that he should hold received when he was a kid.

This is merely a little portion of his plan. In the interim we provide him with healers with a position to assisting him cultivate close relationships and being able to portion his feelings and ideas. He must besides see the societal universe around him. Possibly seeking out different athletics related activities or even some sort of societal occupation may assist. Making athleticss can excite his blood circulation to maintain him relaxed and making squad work and communicating with others can besides be really helpful because it can demo him that he can acquire support and attention from people on the exterior besides. These are merely some suggestions I came up with and as patterned advance applies, I will propose more options.

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