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USDA is a growing company operating in highly competitive markets. The main reason for acquirement at USDA is due to expansion of the business and colleague turnover. Colleague turnover occurs for a variety of reasons, for example, retirement of existing colleagues and internal promotion which create gaps Recruiting at Aka Case: Recruiting at Aka 1 . Describe how employing a large number of new workers require strategic recruiting planning and operational efforts, and discuss what aspects might be different in smaller firms. The bigger companies have more of a variety of different job positions, requiring a need for certain qualifications depending n job position.

Variety of jobs being air-conditioning service people, cafeteria workers, and medical staff. – The operations for hiring that Aka chose to use were: Aka made the application process online only with a limited time frame to apply. To make this easier for everyone they made computers available for anyone who doesn’t have computer access by advertising the use of local library computers.

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The hiring process for smaller firms is different because they use fewer resources to spread the word about whether or not they are hiring. Whereas in with the arguer firms like Aka, they used radio, TV advertisements, flyers, visiting colleges & churches and other means to market Ski’s recruiting process. Smaller businesses also use Word of Mouth for recruiting into their workplace because they have a small variety of job positions available. 2.

Discuss how utilizing the Internet, like Aka did and other employers do, is changing how recruiting efforts are occurring for a variety of jobs in employers of different sizes. – Different businesses are now using internet more for the recruiting process because it saves time and none, it allows for a larger applicant base, makes it easier on HER, and like stated before it allows for a quicker screening process to help eliminate those who are not qualified.

Now, both small and large firms are starting to use Social Network to help out with their recruiting process. Social Network’s that help companies recruit are sites like Twitter, Faceable, monster, and other big online sites that help applicants find out whether the company is hiring or not. Internet recruiting also helps with finding applicants in a short time frame. Aka used internet circuiting because with the limited time frame of 6 months they needed to do some mass hiring to fill all of their positions in which they were looking to fill.

The only issue companies face with using internet as their recruiting strategy is: It excludes those who are without internet access capabilities With online, many more resumes must be reviewed; more emails, blobs, and twitters need to be dealt with; and expensive specialized software may be needed to track the increased number of applicants resulting from Internet recruiting efforts. – Large companies: handle mass hiring’s Small companies: broader pool of applicants verse local advertisements.. Online recruitment, What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As with any business process there are inevitably advantages and disadvantages of any approach. So, here are the pluses and minuses of online recruitment. The advantages of online recruitment A wider audience – The whole world can, in theory, read your job vacancy. Whilst they may not want to live within commuting distance of your workplace, with 92% of UK job seekers using online job boards, your vacancy should be seen y every job seeker with the requisite skillet in your region. Immediacy – Your advert can be ‘live’ within minutes. Dynamic content’ – Allows for accurate filtering of the role’s criteria and catching the eye of those who best match your requirements. Flexibility – Most job boards will allow the client to adjust certain content or details after posting by logging in with a password. Whilst you won’t want to make a habit of this, the safety net of correcting errors or a slight change in tactics is something you couldn’t do with a print media advert. Automated System – Most companies will have some means of gathering the application data into a central point.

At Huntsman we use a bespoke Applicant Tracking System whereby our client can not only see all of their applications at-a-glance but also our opinion of them! It also enables the client to shortlist and contact candidates with ease. The disadvantages of online recruitment Too easy to apply – No postage costs and a simple ‘click to apply’ process is good news for the applicant, however, this can result in a number of over-optimistic, or frankly time-wasting, applications. Volume – Online should generate a larger umber of applications -which makes sifting a time-consuming process.

One of the big appeals of the Huntsman ‘advert and sift’ package is that we perform this time-heavy task for you. No chance viewings – In days gone by, the candidate would probably look at all the Sits Vic adverts in the local paper regardless of industry or their skillet. Due to the nature of online job searches utilizing ‘dynamic content’ the possibility of a chance viewing is minimized. E. G. A search for administrator roles will only produce administrator roles. The candidate may eave transferable skills for your HER assistant role but will not see the advert. Answers for Part Two 1 . N evaluation / selection program is to be successful the employee characteristics which are believed necessary for effective performance on the job should be stated explicitly in the job specification. The criteria usually can best summarized in the following categories: Education Experience Physical Characteristics Personal Characteristics Basically, the employee evaluation and selection criteria should list the characteristics of present employees who have performed well in the positions o be filled. However, if the list of characteristics desired is too long, it may not be possible to select anyone.

With no list of criterion, the wrong prospects are likely to be selected. 2. 3 4 5 6 7 The reliability of a an employee evaluation and selection instrument, such as a test, is the extent to which the instrument is a consistent measure of something. An intelligence test is said to be reliable, if the same person’s scores do not vary greatly when the test is taken several times. The higher the reliability, the more confidence can be placed in the measurement method. Usually, the instrument is more reliable if it is longer.

The instrument used must also be internally consistent to be considered reliable, which is a good predictor of success for the job performance in question. Reliability and validity can be thought of in the following way. A yardstick is a reliable measure of space; no matter how many times you carefully measure a basketball player, he will be the same height. But a yardstick has no validity as a measure of his muscular coordination. Thus a selection device such as a test may be reliable without being valid. Human source specialists can compute the validity of a selection instrument several ways.

One way, is to look at the currently successful employees, find a factor that is common to them, and designate it as a predictor. This is called concurrent validity. A second way, is to use an instrument such as a test during the evaluation / selection process, then wait until the successful employees are identified and correlate the test or test measures with the successful and unsuccessful employees. This is called predictive validity. A third way, sometimes used by smaller organizations, because the numbers of persons in similar jobs is ooh small to use concurrent or predictive methods, is called synthetic validity.

In this case, elements of several jobs that are similar, rather than a whole job, are used to validate the selection instrument. This method is newer than the other two and us used less frequently. It should be noted that the criterion used to predict performance or success is a proxy of actual performance. Since good job performance is usually a combination of many factors (quality of work, quantity of work, etc. ), a criterion such as a supervisory rating is a proxy for the real measure, job success or performance.

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