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    The business i will be talking about is Tests, the background they have dates back to 1919 when the company was first found by the name of Jack Cohen, a few market stools is what lead Tests were they are today. The multinational super store headquarters is based in London, Worcestershire, Chunter. Having this location is really good because its surrounded by the general public also its ideal to open stores around that area to boost Chunters community!

    As we know, Tests is a worldwide supermarket but in 1929, the first store was opened in burnt oak, Middlesex… Ten years later Tests was growing rapidly, 100 stores scattered across England. Tests don’t just cover England anymore they are an international business, providing services and selling products to everyone, with 6000 stores worldwide covering 14 countries including Asia, Europe and North America! Tests provide the public with home delivery, banking, insurance, mobile phone contracts, petrol, food, clothing, electrical devices and finical services.

    Tests provide goods and services, goods to give the public there everyday requirements also they provide us with services to give us more trust in Tests also so they have more customers and earn more money to invest in improving the businesses. The Charity i will be talking about is Sofas, they was found in 1942 by a group called Oxford Committee which was the first name for this company, for Famine Relief by a group of Quakers, social activists, and Oxford academics.

    The first store that opened in a different country other than England was found in Canada 1963 the name soon after changed to Sofas in 1965. Starting from nothing, now the company has 17 organizations working very hard to maintain the 90 countries they are involved in to help fight against poverty and to provide for he much needed public. Sofas provide the public with clothing, food, shelter, water… Everything that a person needs daily to stay alive, Sofas can do this due to the donations from the public and money from other organizations, charity raising events and the government.

    Sofas also provide everyday essentials in poor run down countries, for example they will build wells to give clean fresh water to people that need it the most. Purpose of business Tests are a business that aim to make as much profit as they can, that is there overall goal but on SOME products they wont make as much profit, for example TV they will make a lot of profit on that, but essentials like bread and milk they will sell at cost because they know a lot of people buy it and they buy in bulk. Overall goal but on SOME products they won’t make as much profit, for example a TV they will make a lot of profit on that, but essentials like bread and milk they will sell at cost because they know a lot of people buy it and they buy in bulk so they wouldn’t have to put the prices up, also they have competition to think about. There are 3 different sectors that businesses are put into, the primary, secondary and tertiary sector.

    Tests comes into the tertiary, they get other sectaries to make and deliver the product, they deliver the products to a Tests store then Tests sell the products which go into tertiary but not there bakery, that falls into secondary because they make it there and then with their own products. Tests are a business that aim to be loyal too customers and provide them with the needs we need, to treat their employees well so customers will visit stores regularly.

    The aims and objectives for Tests come under the SMART material, Tests want to be able to keep their carbon emissions down by making new buildings, they also want to make their business objects which have to allow this method Specific – this means that the business can make some specific objectives that the business wants to achieve, so if they want to hit a certain target of profit within a year they have to make a business plan or model to follow to achieve their goal.

    Measurable – this means that if a business wants to make some money, they can measure it in a certain amount of time, so if a business can make El 000 pound in a month, then maybe next month they could forecast making an increase of that amount by studying the business activities throughout that month. Achievable – this means that a goal that the business an achieve with in a time period, so if a business wants to make IOW pound of profit in a month, then they could make it happen with the products that they might have to sell.

    Realistic – this means that a business has to make realistic goals which that they can achieve, so things like making El ,500 pounds in a week, this is a realistic goal because it could be made depending on the sales in the that week. Time related – this means that each objective is set with in certain time, so it is like a dead line, if a business sets out to make and sell 5 computers in two weeks, then they now have time to create the product and then sell it thin the time set.

    Sofas look to make no kind of profit, just raising money to make their organization grow to the point that they are all over the world. They raise money by providing customers with clothing, food, charity raising events and other everyday essentials that the general public give straight to the store or put it in a secure donation container which are shattered across the UK… These containers get collected every now and then to be carried to a distribution point which will be taken around the UK stores by lorries and some items distributed to other countries abroad.

    Sofas comes under the tertiary sector u to the fact they only sell and provide people with free/cheap goods but they also come under secondary due to them building essentials, for example clean water supplies for countries like Africa it helps save people’s lives. The aims and objectives Sofas have is to help fight against poverty in run down countries such as Africa for example. They want to help the people of the world to make it a better place and Sofas have been doing this for a very long time.

    The charity isn’t a business, it’s a co-operation that comes together to make people believe someone is there for them, to give people hope which is another objective. Tests has such a wide spread ownership as they owned by thousands of people due to them being a PL but Tests is owned by seven major people that would be bosses and big time investors, this is the top most important people in the Tests co-operation other than the public who put it money here and there to buy shares of the company. For example someone could put the minimum charge to invest which is E 1000 to buy some shares, this would give you 1 / 2 % back…

    Is that even worth it? Say someone else puts EYE,000 into some shares, Tests will be looking at that person very well because of the amount of money they put in, tit this you would be looking at 5%/7% back. The more money you invest, the more money you are putting on the line to lose. Phillip Clark who is the chief executive officer, Consumer Goods Forum is what he covers. Sir Richard John Broadband is the chairman of Tests, whatever happens it all goes through him! Tests have 3 major shareholders in their business, Blackjack Inc.

    Holding 5. 05%, Merges Bank with 4. 99% and Berkshire Hathaway Inc at 4. 98%. Tests was a LTD Limited company so no one other than the bosses and big time investors could have a say in what happens and who gets the money, no could invest outside the company so its not for the public it was like this because Tests wasn’t that big compared to now also they just wasn’t ready as a business to allow shares to be bought, but Tests gradually got bigger across the world which made them change to a PL due to them making more money this way.

    Tests could go back to a LTD so they can earn more profit for themselves were as Sofas will stay the same because its not a business looking for profit at all and they are doing well as a charity with covering 90 countries! Sofas had an ownership of a not-for-profit limited-liability company (Limited company) which s a company that doesn’t aim for profit at all, just to help the communities and get funded by the government and charity funds. Sofas have a few owners Dame Barbara Mary Stocking, Mrs..

    Manacles, DB is Vice Chair of the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response and previous Chief Executive of Sofas KGB. The thing with Sofas as a charity, they have no actual shareholders or investors because it’s a trusted comity by the government and public so the charity relies on other people like us to donate and put money into the organization. Tests have 3 main stakeholders but they also allow the public to ay certain shares of the business, this is in the interest of Tests so the overall business gets more money to put back into the business…

    They already have profit coming in, so they bring in the public and allow them to get involved and show them that Tests does care about the public. Deco’s stakeholders obviously aim to make as much money as possible so they tell the company what they want to happen, for example planting another store in Worcestershire because they may need another one in that area. But the public have no say in what Tests do because they don’t actually own anything just a few shares…

    Sofas as a charity need their support by the public and government, that’s their stakeholders so that’s Sofa’s main interest, keeping the public happy, its like a cycle, the public donates and gives to the charity, the charity then gives back the money by helping countries that are in need like Africa and so on. The public and government want the best for their world so they encourage the charity to build essentials for run down countries… The stakeholders look to give advice of new things to do for other people with the money, to change the world into a better place.

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