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    Environmental arrangement: This activity takes place in the classroom by the white board where the teacher will hang the coconut tree. List of materials: Chicks Chick boom book, Coconut tree, letters with magnets Sequence of events (be very specific! ): This is a good 1 SST day of class activity to assess your kids’ writing & alphabetic abilities & to introduce the alphabet. Teacher and children draw a coconut tree on construction paper. Then put the tree up on the chalkboard. Then the teacher gives each child a letter, as the teacher read the story when a child’s letter comes up in the story they are to walk p to the tree and put it up.

    Furthermore, as the story goes on as the letters fall of the child will go take the letter down as it was falling off. Quick ideas for follow-up activities: As a follow-up activity I could give the children celery with peanut butter and alphabet cereal have them glue on letters that they remember are in the story. Activity 2 Activity name: Coconut Bowling Objective(s): After doing this activity they will be able to add and subtract from ten. I am doing this activity to help with their counting skills.

    Developmental domain addressed by playing this game together they will be irking on social/emotional also will help them communicate, as they will need to communicate with each other and the teacher about how many coconuts are on the tree. They will also be using cognitive because they have to think how many coconuts are on the tree and how many are off. Furthermore, physical because they will be tossing the beanbags onto the tree. Environmental arrangement: This activity will take place outside on the sidewalk List of materials: Tarp with painted coconut tree, ten stuffed beanbag coconuts Sequence of events (be very specific! First, the student will be called on then they will take the ten coconuts and try to throw them onto the tree, after they are done, they will need to count the ones that made it on the tree. Then they will be asked so if seven made it on the tree how many fell off? They need to figure out seven are on the tree and three fell off so that equals ten. Quick ideas for follow-up activities: I would follow this activity with a flash card game with the same number sequence. Activity 3 Activity name: Chicks Chicks Bingo Objective(s): Match letter sounds with the right letter.

    Developmental domain addressed: This activity will address cognitive and communication because they need to think about letter sounds and match them with the right letter. Environmental arrangement: This activity will be done inside List of materials: Bingo cards with letters, bingo markers, and teacher’s calling card & Prizes Sequence of events Teacher gives every child a bingo card and marker then the teacher makes the sound of the letter the child is to mark the letter of the sound with the marker after a child gets a row all marked they are to call Chicks Chicks Boom Boom.

    If the child has them, all correct they get to pick something from the prizes. Quick ideas for follow-up activities: After playing bingo, we will sit in a circle where we will go around and say a letter sound and the person next will have to say what letter that sound is.

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