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During the year 2006 Astor launched the Astor Max system containing a digital video recording facility allowing its customers to record programs into the hard disk. In mid-2007, Astor established Astor on Demand, a new video on their platform he demand channel showing the newest TAB drama series from Hong Kong on 6 channels. On 1 SST July, 2007 onwards, Astor On-Demand sample was commenced, and was completely dedicated to inform the customers about the new platform. In July 2007 the introductory price of RMI 0. 99 was introduced for 31 channels to the customers..

During the year 2008 the organization bought in the Australian channels into their network. “Astor is owned by MESTAS Broadcast Network Systems, which is a subsidiary of Astor All Asia Networks Pl. ” Currently the association provides the subscriber with 809 Channels which includes Fox News Channel, Fox Crime and FIX. Competitors It was reported that Astor might be considering a potential relishing, this added with the entrance of Cable pay-TV operator Asian Broadcasting Network (BAN) slated to roll out its service in second quarter of 2012 (2Q2012) to directly compete with Astor adding spice to the cable TV market.

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Based on a research report by OAK Research SD Bed (OAK Research), it noted that Astor had been approached by investment bankers on a potential re-listing. The firm’s sources indicated that relishing plans were being mooted, with timing being a key consideration. The company was privatized by its major shareholder and Stator’s relishing could take on a similar route with its sister company, Maxis and fast- tracked. Stator’s subscriber base had surpassed three million as at end-2011, cementing its lion share of the six million pay-TV households in the country.

It added that Stator’s re-listing was timely as it was seeing inbound competition from the telecoms, which were offering triple play products amidst rising competition. In a bid to pre-empty competition and to expand the addressable market of its product and service, Astor unveiled ENJOIN, a subscription free service. The research firm also noted that competition was heating up with the entrance of a new digital cable operator, Asian Broadcasting Network (BAN). BAN was expected to launch its pay-TV service in second quarter 2012 (2Q2012 with a target of 0. Million subscribers within the first year of roll and three million subscribers in three years, and would be investing RMI billion over 10 years to cover six million households. It was in the process of signing up key content and had managed to poach key individuals from the broadcasting Industry including Astor. More recently, BAN inked an agreement with Firebomb (51 per .NET-owned by Telecoms Malaysia Bed) for backlash access and had appointed contractors to roll out to five areas in the country, two of which were in the Klan Valley.

The firm gathered from industry sources that BAN had signed up about half of the 100 channels that it intended to offer when the service goes live. Ban’s entry would likely to be a threat to Astor as it was vying for a similar addressable market comprising the country’s six million households. It also thought that the impending relishing of Astor could reignite talks of a union with Maxis given the potential longer-term term synergies under a converged landscape. A merger was not an implausible idea as both companies shared a common shareholder which might be looking to streamline its media and telecommunication businesses in Malaysia.

Astor was looking at ways in which its service could reach out to more customers across multiple platforms and was toying with cloud services while Maxis was slowly transforming itself to be an integrated telecommunication player with bundled offerings. Consumers Demand From our research analysis we have come out with the result that though the company is running in the multinational zone, there are still some defects which are still being faced by their customers with the view of payment in many locations.

Currently the company s system of subscription payment is manual and there is a limited usage of IT in this phase. The current system of Starts subscription payment gives out the following major problems which area. Inaccessibility, long queue, timing. Customers will have better access to service. Company also will be able to provide better service to the customer with on time services. The system works in a similar sense as to the previous system of encryption, the only distinction from the previous system is in terms of payment f service bills.

Rather than paying bills going to the Astor service centers the payment is made on the recharge basis either by an online or by a normal recharge voucher yet utilizing Stator’s Satellite services. Market Structure Astor is monopoly on satellite-TV in Malaysia. Monopoly is a firm that is the sole seller of a product without close substitutes. Monopoly has the market power. The market power is the imperfectly competitive firm’s ability to rise without losing all demand for its product. A monopoly has two key features, no close substitutes and barriers to entry. There are two types of barriers to entry, legal ND natural.

Company has the legal standing to enter into a contract, take on an obligation, and assume responsibility for its actions. Government licenses, or firms that become monopolies by virtue of a government directive. Astor has the government license, only Astor has the license to provide service of telecasting from overseas. In a monopoly market, there is no distinction between the firm and the industry because the firm is the industry. The market demand curve is the demand curve facing the firm, and total quantity supplied in the market is what the firm decides to produce. Income elasticity of demand

The income elasticity of demand measure the rate of response of quantity demand due to a raise or lowering in a consumer income because it is a normal goods. (investigated) By recording, when individual income increases , they will increasing the package of Astor to enjoy more show of Astor provide, whereas when our social economic face the issue of recession, both of the individual will also reduce their demand of Astor, for example, they will reduce their package of Astor.

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