Career Paper: Broadcast Journalism Essay

Upon enrolling at in college, I choose broadcast journalism as my academic major. I’ve always had a passion for media and knew that this was the right major choice for me. My prospective career choice is to be a sports broadcaster. To begin, I would like to be employed by ESPN while pursing my career as a sports broadcaster. ESPN is an American television company that focuses on sports related programming. ESPN became the first sports network to televise complete sports coverage over 30 years ago.

ESPN has over 50 business assets, televising 65 sports in 16 languages in more than 200 countries.

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Career Paper: Broadcast Journalism
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I have always admired this company, and I would love to contribute my talents one day. Continuing, there are a few qualifications one must have before being hired as a sports broadcaster. One must possess superior reporting skills in order to be considered for this position. It’s always good to gather information and gain knowledge on what the specific topic you’re talking about.

Writing is also very important. Knowing how to write and organize your thoughts will help everything flow together. Being able to analyze also comes along with this job.

In most instances, becoming a sports broadcaster requires more than an ability to talk about and report on sports. It also helps to be able to give an expert opinion on what you are covering from time to time. Being knowledgeable in sports is always a plus while seeking employment in this field. To add, there are a few education requirements when considering a career in sports broadcast. Sports broadcasters are required to have a bachelor’s degree most of the time, usually in a related field such as communications or broadcast journalism.

Some colleges offer specific majors in sports broadcasting, which are ideal for this career. Students usually learn both sports history and broadcasting history, along with subjects like sports production and media marketing. Aspiring sports broadcasters also need to consider the basic qualifications for careers in radio or television; announcers, for example, must have suitable speaking voices, while television broadcasters are expected to maintain a certain standard of appearance. Next, the strengths that I possess make this an ideal career for me.

I have an outgoing personality that is bound to draw any audience in. I know how to grab someones attention and catch their interest. This is important while having a career in broadcasting. You always want your audience to be engaged in what you’re talking about. Another strength that I have is good communication skills. Communication is the heart of every career. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. The ability to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people while maintaining good eye contact is a plus while seeking employment in this field.

I also have played various sports before, which gives me knowledge in sports and will make it easier for me to report on them. In addition, writing is very vital while seeking a career in sports broadcasting. You will have to get interviews from different people, and write notes down from your interview so you can add them to your report. You will also have to write down reports from different sports events that you are scheduled to present. To add, having a career in sports broadcasting may seem easy but, there are a few areas that make obtainting a career in this field goal challenging.

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