Industrial Attachment for Student Experience


Industrial attachment permits the student to learn more about the practical aspect of the subject matter which is been treated by the student, it helps the student to discover his/her competency as well as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat analysis of the course and its practical application. It also helps to equip the student with some experiences and a broad practical view of the carrier, so as to really understand his/her area of study and what it really entails in real life. Furthermore, it gives the student a forecast or an insight into the context within which the career is practiced. My internship was done with M.Barbisotti&Sons where I had the opportunity to work with the surveying, architecture as well as the quantity surveying department on one of their ongoing project site i.e. LABADI BEACH TOWERS located in labadi. My report will deal with all the detailed practical tasks I undertook during my internship. OBJECTIVE OF THE INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT

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To access the interest of the student in the occupation he/she plans to undertake. To provide the student with an opportunity to apply knowledge in real work situation thereby closing the gap between tertiary work and the actual practice. To make the transition from school to the world of work smoothly and to enhance student contacts for job placement. To enlist and strengthen employers involvement in institutional activities and in the entire educational process of preparing the student for employment in the industries. To enhance industry’s satisfaction with the graduate of the faculty in particular and the University at large.



M.Barbisotti & Sons Ltd has been working in the building sector in Ghana for a good 50 years. The Barbisotti family, which has been living here for three generations, has put on this country and, thanks to a constant commitment and great passion, has contributed to its development in the building sector and in the other fields where it has been able to expand its activities. Five decades later, MBS does not work only in the sector of civil, industrial and state building but, thanks to a constant growth and the great synergy with other subdued companies, has been able to establish itself in many other fields as well. The new sectors, in fact, range from the production of high quality aggregates used as building materials by the company itself to the realization of gardens, green areas and pools; from the production of precast structures for building to the manufacture of aluminum doors and windows, to the realization of large hotel facilities.

The Barbisotti family has been residing in Ghana for 85 years.

The “M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd.” has been officially established on the 21st of October 1959, by Marco Barbisotti and his son Gianpietro, thus beginning their activity in the building sector. 50 years of continuous growth are a confirmation of the firm’s passion and dedication, that’s strongly proud of its contribution to the development of a country as it is Ghana. A company capable to put into concrete form big projects thanks to the employment of its greatest resource too: “the people”. M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd. apart from many plants and equipment exploits indeed a great staff made up of hundreds of employees. A capillary and forceful managing board completes the lot enabling the Company to have every plan and production phase under control. Apart from being a great and modern company in the construction sector, the M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd., has been able to diversify and improve its own Core-Business.

This has been possible establishing various subdued companies with the intent to face better the present constructive demands. As a matter of fact belonging to the group is: an inert quarry (Mansco Quarry), a hotel development company (G&I Five Star), a plant for the production of pre-cast slabs for buildings (Pedal Systems), a company for the manufacturing of aluminum doors and windows systems (ALCO)and the newborn “IBS Group”, company that creates gardens, green areas and pools. MISSION AND VISION

The task of M.Barbisotti’s is derived from decades of active involvement in
Ghana’s development and primarily centers on key projects that will help push Ghana productively into the fresh millennium as a middle-income country. The company is encouraged in formulating its mission from the forum set up by the government to support widespread public/private sector dialogue. The success of the nation naturally, depends on effective partnership between contractors engaged in collaboration and consensus building among the relevant stakeholders. STRACTURE OF ORGANISATION

The company employs a labor force of about 370. Important functions and positions in the firm include Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Supervisor, Foreman, Land Surveyor, Personnel Manager, Computer Programmer, Store Keeper and Accounts Officer. Our Departments in the organization include skilled and unskilled labor consisting of Laborers, Masons, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Steel Benders, Mechanics, Machines Operators, Drivers, Electricians and Security.

With a training programe, the employees are thereby encouraged to upgrade their skills and add to their personal qualifications and experience and to the company’s overall success. ORGANISATIONAL CHART


Marco Barbisotti & Sons Limited takes into account recent reality and includes lots of facets of the Ghana economy where need is either expressed by government or is clear virtue of the company’s observation of economic trends in the country (

From a strategic position of a key building and civil engineering contractor, the company has set its vision in similar areas including real estate development and other related to the infrastructural development of the country.


From the outset and up to the present time, the projects the company
implemented were of major prominence and innovation. They include schools, hospitals, health centers and training centers, hostels, children’s village, laboratories, office buildings and involvement with the famous landmark of Kejetia roundabout in Kumasi.

Lately, M. Barbisotti & Sons has done major renovation and rehabilitation of Barclays Banks at Dunkwa, and on Prempeh II Street in Kumasi. Current important activities involve the building of Ridge Office Complex in Accra, the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center at Teshie, and Construction of an Out Patients Department – 37 Military Hospital.


M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd. is rated as one of the best building and civil engineering companies in Ghana due to the type of construction activities which conforms to the International Standards in construction. Mostly the materials that are used example blocks, stones, sand, pre-stressed beams and blocks, roofing materials like tiles, gables, purling and rafters, the fast floor system, furniture, etc. are been manufactured by the company. When setting out, concrete and block works are ongoing, serious supervision is undertaken by the supervisors and other staffs as well as when finishing works are complete, staffs that are expert in finishes goes round to check all parts of the building to ensure there are no faults before finally it will be handed over to the client. Moreover, the company’s grand fleet of working vehicles able to meet the most diverse building demands is also a plus. Its last generation vehicles and equipment are subject to a precise program of servicing carried out by a team of specialized mechanics.

More so, vehicles and equipment that have completed their life cycle are regularly replaced so that the fleet of vehicles is always in perfect conditions. Looking at the type of structure which they put up starting from foundation to finishes differentiate them from other construction firms in Ghana. From the few months training I have been through in this company, what I noticed was burglary activities that goes on when materials are been delivered on site. Even though the level of security is high but some
workers find ways and means to involve themselves in this act which I believe also contributes to the weakness of the company.


MASONRY WORKS – Marking out for foundation and block works. Excavation of trenches. Laying of foundation concrete Establishment of plaster gauge Block work setting out Laying of block walls. Plastering and rendering works. Schmidt hammer test

STEEL BENDING WORKS – Bending and tying of reinforcement rods. Fixing of mat and column reinforcement.

SURVEY WORKS – Establishment of total station
Transferring levels from OBM to site for constructional activities.

PAINTING AND DECORATION WORKS – Application of filler on the surfaces of the walls. Painting of walls, ceilings and balustrades. CARPENTRY WORKS – Fixing of doors and wardrobes. Preparation of formwork foundations, columns and beams.

BATCHING PLANT – Batching an amount of cement, coarse and fine aggregates needed in C25 and C30 concrete mix.
Learning how to operate concrete mobile mixer/batch mixer. Laying of precast units for constructional works.

ARCHITECTURE – Introduction to AutoCAD fundamentals Designing with AutoCAD. Interpretation of architectural drawings. Reading building drawings on site.

QUANTITY SURVEYING – Taking off from substructure level to Superstructure level. Bill of quantities.

LABORATORY WORKS – Crushing test.
Aggregate bulking test. Silt test. Salt test. Aggregate gradation test.




Taking measurement and calculating for the various units and members of building from excavation works to roofing works as well as preparing bill of quantities.


This is a device mainly used to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete after casting. When conducting this test, the hammer is held at right angle to the surface of the concrete wall which in turn should be flat and smooth. The hammer when hit on the surface, produces a series of rebound readings which is then recorded and a graph drawn out of the recorded values. The graph is then compared with an already existing or master graph to check whether or not the strength requirement for concrete is met.




From the ten weeks of internship training in M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd under various departments with different supervisors, it has contributed and added up many practical skills and experience which has prepared and exposed me to some hidden knowledge in the field of construction. Morally, it has taught me how to communicate, submit myself and behave well with workers and staffs in high authority Finally, appreciation goes to the management and all the staff who has given me the opportunity to be trained in this honorable institution, even though with their busy schedule made time to teach and assist me in all areas during my training.

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