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Students Industrial work experience strategy ( SIWES ) was established by ITF ( Industrial Training Fund ) in 1973 to work out the job of deficiency of equal practical accomplishments required for employment in industries by Nigerian alumnuss of third establishments. SIWES is an exercising created for pupils of higher instruction to enable them pattern those things they have learnt theoretically in category. It besides helps to expose pupils to the usage of certain industrial equipment.

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The exercising reveals pupils accomplishments every bit good as animating students’ aspiration to go utile citizens in the hereafter. It besides helps them to interact with the extremely respected and educated personalities. These pupils are willing and eager to fix themselves to achieve certain higher places after graduation. This is a study of the SIWES experience I had at the national root harvests research institute. Umudike. abia province.


The National root harvests research institute ( NRCRI ) . Umudike is one of the 17 Agricultural research institutes in Nigeria. The institute started as a provincial experimental farm under the national section of agribusiness with central offices at Moor plantation. It assumed a federal position to go Federal Agricultural Research and Training Station ( FARTS ) in April 1. 1972. By April 1. 1976 it became known as national root harvests research institute by the Agricultural research institutes decree of 1973.

In line with its national and zonary authorization. the institute has the duty of carry oning research into: Familial betterment of root & A ; tuber harvests of economic importance in Nigeria Agronomy of root and tuber harvest production including farming systems development for the sou’-east agro ecology Design and fiction of simple agricultural farm tools and equipment Storage. processing. use of root & A ; tuber harvest production.

NRCRI has taken elephantine paces with applaudable consequences. These have earned the institute one of the best research institutes in Nigeria holding contributed vastly to the economic development. The research findings of the institute have made Nigeria to go the world’s taking manufacturer of manioc and yam with one-year production of 33. 1 and 19 million metric dozenss. The path record has besides placed the institute in the top place for two old ages consecutively in the one-year universe nutrient twenty-four hours. Accomplishments:


On reaching to the workshop. the first thing I was introduced to was the safety regulations of the workshop which included the usage of personal protective equipment ( PPE ) at all times. After this. I was given a full orientation to the workshop staff and tools.

When I arrived at the workshop. the on-going undertaking was the alteration of a ginger cutting machine and a ginger rinsing machine. A ginger rinsing machine is a machine used for rinsing newly harvested ginger from soil while a ginger cutting machine is a device used for cutting newly harvested full-blown ginger into two equal parts. For this the undermentioned occupations were needed.

The manus crunching machine which is besides called an angle bomber is one of the really utile tools in the workshop. It is used for cutting. crunching and smoothing. They can be powered by an electric motor. gasoline engine or compressed air. In the workshop. the angle bomber was powered by an electric motor. The motor drives the geared caput at a right angle on whichis mounted an scratchy disc ( used for crunching ) or a thinner cut-off phonograph record ( used for cutting ) . It was used for cutting into metal sheets to a specified measuring. taking extra stuff and smoothing unsmooth borders off the stuff.


  • In the workshop. we were required to replace worn phonograph record because the uninterrupted usage of already worn phonograph record could do parts or the whole phonograph record to wing out thereby doing serious harm to organic structure or machine.
  • The cutting phonograph record should ne’er be used in topographic point of the grinding phonograph record and frailty versa
  • Never stay in an enclosed topographic point and ever use the right position when cutting/grinding.

A drill is a tool fitted with a cutting tool fond regard or driving tool fond regard normally a drill spot or driver spot which is used for boring holes in assorted stuffs. The drill spot is gripped by a chow at one terminal and rotated while pressed against the stuff. A centre clout is normally used to bespeak the topographic point where the drill is about to punch so as to forestall the drill spot from stealing of the grade.

A radial boring machine is a big cogwheel headed drill imperativeness in which the caput moves along the arm that radiates from the column of the machine. The arm of the machine can swing in relation to the base of the machine. This swing operation helps the drill caput to travel out of the manner so a big Crane can put the heavy work piece on the base of the radial boring machine. This besides helps in boring holes at different locations of the workpiece without really traveling the workpiece. Common characteristics of the radial boring machine are the power provender of the spindle and the coolant system.

We besides discussed jobs when looking for solutions and besides acquainted ourselves with the relationship between blocks and the velocity of a crankshaft. At the terminal of all these. the ginger cutting machine and ginger rinsing machine were tested and modified where necessary with good consequences.


The relevancy of my experience to my field of survey is the fact that most of the jobs and tools encountered in the workshop were those which have been solved theoretically in category and hence a better apprehension of the class was achieved.

The relevancy of this industrial preparation to Mechanical Engineering is the fact that it helps pupils to be more compatible with what they have been taught. Mechanical Engineering is more understood when combined with pattern. The Industrial preparation helps to accomplish this portion. It makes the pupils non merely knowing but besides speedy with their custodies and heads. This. at the terminal of all these. will ensue in better trained members of the mechanical technology society.

Mechanical Engineering. in fact. is a practical class. Sing the state of affairs of our state with regard to instruction. I would state that without SIWES. alumnuss of mechanical technology would truly be missing when itcomes to practising the class in the existent universe.


All in all. the experience was a really fantastic one. I developed a good working relationship with the staff and my supervisor as I had learned from my 200 flat industrial preparation and I besides had a fantastic clip seting what is learned in the schoolrooms into pattern. Safety is a really of import issue in any environment but it can ne’er be over emphasized in a workshop.

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