Automated Food Ordering System with Real

This research work aims to automate the food ordering process in restaurant and also improve the dining experience of customers. In this paper we discuss about the design & implementation of automated food ordering system with real time customer feedback (ASS-RTF) for restaurants. This system, implements wireless data access to servers. The android application on user’s mobile will have all the menu details. The order details from customer’s mobile are wirelessly updated in central database and subsequently sent to kitchen and cashier respectively.

The restaurant owner can manage the menu modifications easily. The wireless application on mobile devices provide a meaner of convenience, improving efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by saving time, reducing human errors and real-time customer feedback. This system successfully over comes the drawbacks in earlier PDA based food ordering system and is less expensive and more effective than the multi-touchable restaurant management systems. Keywords – Restaurant Automation; Wireless food ordering system; Android Mobile; Android application; Wife; l.

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The advancement in information and communication technology (ITCH) has greatly influenced the business transactions. The adoption of wireless technology & emergence of mobile devices has led to automation in the hospitality industry. Business in hospital TTY industry such as restaurants can be improved with the combination of wireless and mobile technologies. The competition in restaurant business have increased with the advancements in food ordering techniques [1]. The earlier food ordering system was entirely a manual process which involved waiters, pen and paper.

The waiter had to note down orders from customers, take these orders to kitchen , update them in records and again make bill. Even though this system is simple it may involve human errors in noting down the orders. To overcome these limitations in manual system some systems were developed later like PDA based systems and multi-touchable restaurant management systems to automate food ordering process [2]. Pads (personal digital assistants) are well known for their portability feature and ability to communicate with personal computers but they too have some limitations.

PDA-based systems lack ubiquitous communication, are exposed to health hazards ,has lower SPIN (graphical processing unit) and hardware purport due to which menu customization and real time communication cannot be done, and increase the restaurant expanses when needed in large quantity [2]. The multi-touchable restaurant management systems also have limitations like: they usually require low resolution output of the monitor, can produce activation without touching the screen and the cost to produce the special Infrared bezel for touch screens is very high [3].

The COOS-RTF [6] was developed as one of the solutions for the PDA based system. It is a wireless food ordering system which made the use of smart phones to place orders. Taking an idea form this system we have proposed our system ASS-RTF, which is specially designed for Android Devices. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Section II contains review of the existing PDA-based food ordering system, multi-touchable restaurant management system using high cost touch screens and presents the Android technology.

Section Ill presents ASS-RTF architecture and system design. Section IV presents the Results & Analysis of ASS- RTF. Finally, section V presents conclusion and future work. II. RELATED WORK A. Need of Automation in Restaurant Sector The Hospitality industry especially the assistant sectors are gaining a rising importance worldwide as they have been supporting the economy for decades. The usual procedure used for food ordering in restaurants is a manual process.

It involves the waiters noting down the menu from customers, transferring the orders to the kitchen, serving the menu, and finally preparing bills. This process even though looks simple, is prone to human errors while note making & delays involved. So the customers end-up with an unsatisfactory experience 0 2013, EXERCISE All Rights Reserved page | 220 Sweat et al. , International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering 3(2), February – 2013, up. 220-225 In this revolutionized world people are crazy about latest technologies and automating their routine tasks.

Considering this fact and with an aim to improve efficiency & reduce errors in conventional food ordering system, new technologies and approaches are introduced to automate the conventional food ordering process [1]. The wireless food ordering systems such as W , I-menu [4] FOSS [2], are some them. These all systems are PDA (Personal digital assistants) based systems. In the PDA based system, the customers or waiters key in ordering process. When order making completes, these Pads are to be collected by the waiters to be used by other customers. Pads are small and portable devices.

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