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A Pizza store is an establishment wherein pizza – an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings is made and sold. Pizza stores become emerging fast food in urban area, just by hearing the word “pizza” brings a smile to the face of just about every Filipino. Whatever style or variety pizza invariably makes it to the top of their “favorite food” lists. Some entrepreneurs and companies decided to concentrate on pizza because they found out that, next to fast-food chains selling burgers, the most patronized parlors are those engaged in pizzas, making it a potentially high-income business.

These companies and businesses continued to grow at astonishing rate, established new franchise and branches and developed systems to cater customer’s satisfaction. This has given birth to the ecommerce where people are happy to follow the click and order procedure. Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is the process which allows you to sell products, services or business trading through internet. Any activity that utilizes some form of electronic communication in the inventory, exchange, advertisement, distribution and/or payment of goods and services is what we call e-commerce.

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By conducting the study the researchers wants to develop an ordering system that will help a pizza store to accept orders and manage their products in the easiest way possible. In an ordering system all orders are taken centrally, stored on the server computer, can be reviewed anytime from anywhere. The advantages of this online ordering system is that the company can increase their sales through deliveries and transaction fees, lower labor cost, zero-cost maintenance, allows their employees to focus on the customers at the restaurants instead the ones in the phone and lastly customer can order at any point of the day.

In lieu to this, there will be no more confusion about the orders, wrong deliveries, inappropriate bills, and it will eliminates embarrassing situations and reduce mistakes in service process. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Pizza Pedricos is a pioneer of the Frozen-fresh pizza segment 10 years ago; they have received a deluge of applications and interest for franchising their brand from all over the Philippines and the world.

Taking a more cautious stand on ensuring they have what it takes to support a network of partners who will in turn make sure their ultra delicious and wonderful products reach every corner of the world and bring a smile out of every customer who enjoys their products. Throughout 10 years, the mother company Jimini Foods Incorporated, has carefully studied and build the market and its business making it the dominant market leader in the Frozen-fresh pizza segment with a network of over 800 stores and Counter Top Operations in the country.

They have put in place the necessary infrastructure and systems to support and sustain a franchising (through dealerships) format that can support our vision of a whole new pizza experience for every consumer, every time, in every corner of the world. Pizza Pedricos was born to offer consumers a choice of their own flavors in every box of 4. Vision: Lead and build simple sustainable business to delight the customer and develop entrepreneurs for long-term growth across the globe. Mission: 1. Introduce simple and sustainable businesses that are easy to run and grow. 2.

Develop passionate entrepreneurs to start small and grow big businesses. 3. Launch innovative, delicious, nutritious and interesting food product concept to delight and satisfy the customer always. 4. Promote high level of integrity and professionalism across the company and be an example to the industry. 5. Give all glory to God. In this study, the researchers chose Magento platform because it is compatible application software in making ecommerce website with a lot of features from the admin to customers view. What is Magento? Magento is a full-fledged, open source ecommerce platform aimed at web esigners, developers and business owners who are looking for a complete ecommerce website solution. Magento’s open source architecture enables the user to maintain complete control over the structure and functionality of a website. Why Magento? In addition to a solid architecture and framework, there are several unique reasons why Magento makes a great choice for ecommerce solutions. ? One of the most amazing features about Magento is that you can design and develop multiple websites and they can store and share one administrative interface.

This extremely flexible feature allows you to modify and control multiple web sites. All your products inventory and pricing can be controlled to one central location. There is no longer a need to login to multiple locations to handle multiple website. Magento has the ability to control them all. ? It supports over sixty languages, multiple currencies and tax rates. This gives you the ability to easily expand in the global market. ? Layered navigation gives you customized browsing options when viewing products by categories. You can now sort products by prize, size, colors and other customizable attributes. Magento has a built-in web services. This flexibility allows external applications to access Magento without changing the underlying codes. ? Magento has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in from the start. It has the ability to handle friendly URL rewrites which makes it easy for search engines to index your stores and products. ? Magento also has several reporting features built-in. These allows for easy view of sales reports, best-selling products, and customer reporting. ? You can modify Magento without having to worry about upgrading to newer versions in the future.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY In this course of study, the proponents were guided by the following objectives towards giving possible solutions to the problems of the existing system. General Objectives. The general objective of this is to study the existing system of AJ Gadgets and Laptops and to develop an online ordering system. Specific Objectives. In order to achieve the main objective of this study, the following specific objectives were sought for: 1. To identify how the existing system of Pizza Pedricos operates. 2. To develop and nline ordering system using Magento platform. 3. To develop a system that would help Pizza Pedericos to view transactions, financial reports, sales and advertise their company. 4. To provide a system for Pizza Pedericos that will boost their sales through delivery and transaction fees. 5. To determine if the proposed system is technically or operationally feasible for implementation. Scope and Limitation The scope and limitation would discuss the components involved in the development of the system and those that would be not implemented. Scope.

The proposed system will include two interfaces the customer and the admin interface. In the customer interface – The customer should login and register providing their contact information and billing address. This interface includes the Account Information, Orders, Billings and Newsletters. The Account Information provides the personal information of the customers, email address and billing address. The My Orders provides product catalog which the customer can view the products and their prices. They can also configure the attributes for size and quantity based on their needs and wants.

The Billing Agreements provides the sum total of all the products added to the cart. It displays all the computation of the products that the customer orders. The Newsletters it used to view news and announcements about the products and the system. The customer should only follow the click and order procedure. The purchasing transaction will take place when the customer adds products to the cart. The system will display the total amount to be paid and automatically sends the order to the admin interface. The system also includes admin interface wherein the manager should login as and admin.

This includes Dashboard wherein the management can view customer orders and the amount that they have received for the last 24 hours up to current month. The Dashboard also includes total revenue, shipment, tax computation and the quantity of the goods. The Product Catalog wherein the management can manage products, categories, and attributes. This is part where we can add or remove products, configure products name, description, and prices, include image, and allow gift options and so on. This handles what’s to be visible in the website.

The Customers this is where you can view the customers’ information. This is the part where you can manage them and add to a group. (Other features will be discussed further on Chapter 5 – Implementation). Limitations. The proposed study deals with accepting orders online and can be paid by COD (Cash on Delivery). The researchers wish to add a feature that will accept payments online to make it more convenient for the customer to order and purchase using credit cards or Paypal. Due to time constraints the researchers intend to limit only to the said scopes.

The researchers are still engaged with studying Magento and discovering its capability to accept payments and pursue it if there is adequate time available. Significance of the Study The factors to be considered are the customer/clients, company and future researchers. Customers/Clients. The proposed system gave the benefits to the customer by means of easier access to information and purchasing. Company. An e-commerce website will help the company increase their sales in terms of advertising and promoting the company.

The online ordering system of the company can increase their sales through deliveries and transaction fees, lower labor cost, became zero-cost maintenance, easy access, and available at any point of the day. Future Researchers. This study will help the future researcher gain different ideas about the ordering system. They can also use this as one of their based resources when they are conducting a study. Definition of Terms The proponents explain the following with brief ideas of what terminologies were used in the development of the proposed topic.

Business – is an organization operated with the objective of making profit from the sale of goods or services. Computer – is a functional unit that can perform substantial computation, including numerous arithmetic operations and logic operations without human intervention during a run. Electronic Ecommerce – is the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. Feasible – is the capable of being accomplished or put into effect. Reasonable enough to be believed or accepted. Innovation – is the act or process of introducing newly invented or establishing new way of doing things.

Internet – is a worldwide networks of networks, it is a way for computers to communicate. On-line – is directly connected with an accessible to a computer. In data communications, connected with another distant computer,. Proposed System – is a computer based application system introduced to aid the existing system in process. Purchasing – to obtain or acquire something in exchange for money or equivalent. Shopping Cart – the way most companies’ online keep records of what you have picked while browsing in an online store. Website – A set of interconnected web pages, usually including a homepage.

Generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by person, group or organization. CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter also presents the review of related literature and related studies that has a significant bearing to the problem that the researchers are investigating. The findings of related studies, like some thesis and other studies including some related system that has been developed and implemented by known companies are also included in the review that conducted to provide further information regarding our study.

Theoretical Framework Computers in today’s world become one of the important things we are using. They have helped us to work with the machines which have the ability to produce the best quality of products with maximum speed and efficiency. The importance of computer is also undeniable in the world of communication and getting information from one part of the world to the other at a very rapid pace. Computers and Internet are really significant in business. The invention of faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools has resulted in a new commerce arena – Ecommerce.

It refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. According to Jireh Rindolf Perez and Marnelli Bacloa in their undergraduate study entitled “Online Ordering System for St. Jude Thaddeus Publications, 2011” that “Internet has its role today in the field of education, communication and especially in business. With the use of internet in businesses, it has made easier for entrepreneurs to conduct business activities interacting with their customers. ”

The Online Ordering System of Jireh and Marnelli have a database which can monitor the sales of the company easily. They study has a good theoretical framework that can be a guide for the proponents to have a good services that can build a good relationship to the customers. According to Jonathan Aguinas and Pol Anthony Dela Cruz in their undergraduate study entitled “Online Purchasing System, 2008 “ that the concept of ecommerce is all about using the internet as a way to do business better and faster. It is giving the customers information serving then and advertising the products of the company. The Online Purchasing System of Jonathan and Pol have same process or methods on the proposed system. They have same features that can add the item in the list cart and buying them by the use of a credit card. Client or customer can purchase things just sitting in a chair they just need to open their computers, browse the staff from the internet and buy it by the use of their credit cards. And after that customers will just wait for the delivery. It is simpler and less time consuming instead of physically going to the owner location.

According to Randy Waniwan in his study entitled “Order and Sales System, 2011” stated that “real time ordering and improved efficiency has been the focus of entrepreneurs. As with many business scenarios, getting rid of paper improves efficiency, reduces human error and allows information to flow to an infrastructure without a time consuming data input process. There is also less chance of handwritten orders being misread”. According to Yanilet Ireneo in her undergraduate study entitled “Online Ordering System” stated that “Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is another important part of information technology.

E-commerce is defined as primary as the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as internet and other computer networks. It is an online negotiation between companies and customer in availing products via the internet. The internet makes transactions very efficient in saving time and manpower and in minimizing expenses. ” CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY AND SYSTEM DESIGN In this chapter the researchers will discuss about the Methodology used in the system.

This is generally refers to guideline system for solving a problem with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools. One of the most important phases is research; which is basically a systematic investigation with an open mind to solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas or develop theories. Here are the methods of research used in the system. Methods of Researched Used To a successful management of a research project it always depends upon the researchers’ ability to plan, coordinate and perform the research. Therefore, the researchers found different methods to achieve the goal.

The following methods are: Descriptive Research Method. Also known as statistical research. It describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. Descriptive research answers the questions who, what, where, when, why and how. The researchers used this method because data description is factual, accurate and systematic. The aim of descriptive research is to verify formulated hypotheses that refer to the present situation in order to elucidate it. This helps the researchers gather information and possible solution to the problem. Data Collection Method.

In order to achieve research objectives, researcher designs a data collection procedure that is clear, unbiased, reliable and valid. This helps researcher to answer all the research questions with the help of evidences. The researcher used data collection methods to gather information and data in a systematic way. The main aim of data collection method is to collect high quality data and information through survey, interviews, academic journals and articles. Library Research Method This method is done in the library. This is a place where it contains an in-depth collection of material on one or more subjects.

It includes primary as well as secondary sources. It will maintain permanent collections and attempt to provide access to all necessary material. The library research method helps the researchers to have a basis of standard format and gather information to previous studies. Online Research Method These are ways in which researchers can collect data via the internet. They are also referred to as Internet research, Internet science or iScience. Many of these online research methods are related to existing research methodologies but re-invent and re-imagine them in the light of new technologies and conditions associated with the internet.

Data Gathering Instruments Data Gathering Instruments used by the researchers to gather facts and data, this will also help the researchers in understanding the current nature of the system. Observation It enables the researchers to obtain additional knowledge, a bit more objective than conduction personal interview. This instrument enables the researchers to know the strength and weaknesses of the existing system. This provides a not so reliable output but good thing is that beneficiaries would learn more of the project and better understanding. Interview

A useful tool for gathering the necessary data on opinions, suggestions, activities, and comments, which is used aside from the observation. This is data-gathering instrument was used because it generate feedback from the respondents. By using different interview techniques, the researchers consulted the different group of people who tried an online ordering system. Questionnaire This is a list of planned, well-written question, related to a particular topic which has space provided indicating a response to each questions. This is intended to be submitted to a number of persons for their response.

The application of this instrument to the research was in the determination of the overall performance of the system. Evaluation form An evaluation was prepared and used find out the operational feasibility of implementing the system. This is the process of comparing, ranking, and evaluating both the existing and proposed system. System Design The researchers also include the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements This is so- called the System Design.

The system design improved system performance it provides the customers a detailed understanding of how theirs users use the system. This is will also helped future researchers in the changes of the system. Shopping cart The Pizza Pedricos contains the model for the Shopping cart system, including all the models used to specify and realize Information technology system. These models address the development of an shopping cart system that allows the suppliers to sell their products directly online to the customers.

It is provided as Unified Modeling Language brings to analysis and designing a robust system that corresponds to the initial requirements. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the standard language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting all the work products or artifacts of a software system. Use Case Diagrams The researchers choose to demonstrate the shopping cart by the used of Use Case Diagrams. This provides the right functionalities and capture the users needs to the task they needs to do. It provides a basis of communication between end-users, stakeholders and developers in the planning of the software project. ? Attempts to model the system environment by showing the external actors and their connection to the functionality of the system. [pic] Diagram 1. 0 This diagram shows that the Client can manage his own shopping cart after he choose the product he wants he can go directly to the bank option and pay. [pic] Diagram 1. 2 This diagram shows that the administrator can also manage clients account. He can modify and delete it as well. Diagram 1. 3

This diagram shows that the Administrator is the one responsible for handling complaint, shipping order, recalling a product and advertising a product. Diagram 1. 4 This diagram shows the responsibilty of each person who are involved in the Shpping Cart and how they are connected to each other. The Client manage his/her account, Manage Shopping Cart, Check out for Products and File Complaint. On the other hand, the Administrator has also the rights to manage Clients Account. He is the one responsible for Managing Product Catalog, Recalling Product, Advertise Product, Handles Complaint and Ship orders.

Diagram 1. 5 The last diagram shows how the products are being handled inside the shopping cart. The transaction starts after the customer / user sign-in in his account. After the customer authentication he can now proceeed to Check – out Products. Here, he can view/update his shopping cart and see how much it cost including shipping and tax cost with the help of the calculator tool. When the customer is already decided to purchase a product he can easily proceed to the payment. He can choose wheter to pay by credit card, Paypal or Cash on Delivery.

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