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“ Surrealism was a agency of reuniting witting and unconscious kingdoms of experience so wholly, that the universe of dream and phantasy would be joined to the mundane rational universe in an absolute world, a surreality. ” Andre Breton, a major spokesman of the motion gave this announcement as the chief laminitis of Surrealism. This paper will get down off by explicating the chief influences on Surrealism art ; The cultural Movement called Dada, the chief laminitiss of Surrealism ; Andre Breton, Sigmund Freud and a head-shrinker, Carl Jung. Two separate signifiers of look in Surrealism arose through different conceptual theories which derived from specific formations such as Dadaism and the theories of Breton, Freud and Jung. Through the elucidation of the initiation and influences on Surrealism, the research inquiry: “ Surrealism art and the comparings of the two formations of Automatism and Veristic Surrealism ” will be responded.

The initiation of the Surrealist motion has a great trade to make with the development of the two bizarre groups ; Verisitic surrealism and Automatism. The beginnings of the Surrealist motion and how it derived from the Ideas of the Dada motion in World War I will be explained in the first subdivision of this paper. The Dada motion was a cultural motion that came to believe that the true cause of the war arrived upon the thoughts of inordinate rational idea and bourgeoisA values. Surrealism flourished as a reaction to Dadaism, but instead than the negative attack Dadaism had, Surrealists developed a constructive attack in sharing their beliefs of rational idea to society.

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Surrealism has been greatly influenced by Andre Breton a Gallic author and poet, and the finds of Sigmund Freud and his colleagues. During the war Andre Breton trained in medical specialty and psychopathology where he used psychoanalytic methods of Sigmund Freud, with the purpose of seeking to spread out the potency of the head by accommodating the opposing provinces of dream and reality.2 Freud was able to develop techniques leting persons to let go of their imaginativeness through his effort of work with free association, dream analysis, and the unconscious, which finally became of great importance to the Surrealists. Their achievements and probes will be discussed farther to organize a footing of cognition of the initiation of Surrealism in order to be able to understand and compare Veristic Surrealism and Automatism to the fullest.

In the following subdivision Carl Jung will be discussed in relation to the formation of Automatism and Veristic Surrealism. A Swiss head-shrinker Carl Gustav Jung, was the laminitis of analytical psychological science. Carl Jung was the first modern psychologist to deeply look into the human head and stated that our heads are in nature spiritual. He deeply explored dream analysis as did Sigmund Freud. Jung stated that the images of the subconscious should be accepted as they came into consciousness and non be judged strictly so that the images could be accurately evaluated. This rule is what founded the surrealism manner of Automatism and is hence a important component to this paper.

The automatisms came to show themselves in the abstract tradition, while the Veristic surrealists expressed themselves in the symbolic tradition. As a consequence of pull outing the resemblance and contrasts in the judgements of the Veristic and Automatist groups, the research inquiry will most expeditiously be answered.

Two celebrated creative persons: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, arrived from the chief thoughts of Surrealism, yet they had really different ways of nearing their art manners which were formed by two different groups ; Automatism and Veristic Surrealism. The plants of Dali and Picasso will be compared exhaustively in this paper to farther stress the differentiation of the two groups. Picasso used and believed in the Automatism signifier of surrealism while Salvador Dali was a practician of the Veristic signifier of Surrealism. Picasso ‘s work developed into a more primary signifier of art instead than the traditional artistic patterns where preciseness was indispensable. A bulk of his work was based in the impression that kids ‘s inventiveness can show us straight to the unconscious. Salvador Dali ‘s work juxtaposes anachronic images which developed more straight from Dadaism. Dali deeply believed that art should be studied and mastered, and that look of the unconscious would go seeable fromA metaphor.

An of import quality to surrealist plants is the component of surprise, where frequently images are used with evident deficiency of comparative significance in comparing to its context. Surrealism art is created through the subconscious head with its intent to make inexplicable ocular imagination. Trusting greatly on theories from Sigmund Freud, Breton viewed the unconscious as the beginning of our imaginativeness. The Surrealist motion carries on booming throughout the universe with relentless idea procedures and probes into the head which have produced some of the finest art of all time seen. 1 With this idea kept at the dorsum of 1s heads while reading this paper, the tickle pinking inquiry of the importance of Surrealism and how it came to germinate to two separate signifiers: Automatism and Veristic Surrealism will be carefully examined.


The Dada motion was a cultural motion which flourished in the twentieth century between universe war I and II. They were known for oppugning political civilization in order to prove the human head and dispute it to see things in an wholly different mode than used to. The chief growing point of Surrealism was the initiation of Dadaism during World War I, when celebrated creative persons and authors ab initio from Paris spread and became portion of the Dada movement.2 The Dada motion created plants of anti-art prior to World War I, which intentionally defied ground. Surrealism accent was non on abolishment of popular civilization but on support of the power of positive look of the head. The Dada motion expressed a response against what they perceived as the devastation shaped by “ rationalism ” in the yesteryear which lead European civilization and political relations and began the panic of World War I.1

Due to the Dadaism onslaught on society at the terminal of the First World War, theA Surrealist movementA gained impulse. Tristan Tzara, the leader of theA Dada motion aimed to assail society through dirt. Tzara strongly believed that art is non worthy for a society that creates war. Therefore he decided to give society anti-art ; which is defined as ugliness instead than beauty. They intended to diss the new industrial commercial universe, nevertheless they were n’t insulted, but alternatively thought that their rebellion was directed to the old art and frequenters of feudal system and church domination.

The Surrealist creative persons were those that did non encompass anti-art which got rid of what all creative persons have learned and passed on about art. Surrealism split into two separate groups in the 1930 ‘s when creative persons expressed themselves in the more symbolic or abstract tradition. These two groups were the Automatists and theA Veristic Surrealists.2 The creative persons in the motion studied the plants of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. To understand the Veristic and Automatist surrealists, the work of Freud and Jung will be analyzed in the following subdivision.

Andre Breton and Sigmund Freud:

Andre Breton, a Gallic author and a poet, was the chief laminitis of Surrealism. Throughout World War I, Breton skilled in medical specialty and psychopathology at the neurological infirmary, where he employed Sigmund Freud ‘s psychoanalytic techniques with soldiers enduring fromA shell-shock. Using the psychoanalytic surveies of Sigmund Freud, the surrealists attempted to increase the head ‘s possible by incorporating the separate provinces of dream and world. Breton and his comrades tried to put themselves in a hallucinatory province, in which they thought they were able to absolutely obtain their subconscious heads and extract pure ideas, uncontaminated by the witting head and its rational restrictions.2

Freud ‘s work with free association, dream analysis, and the unconscious, was indispensable for the Surrealists so that they could detect new ways to emancipate the heads ideas. They embracedA unusual behaviour, while rejecting its opportunity of mental unwellness. They emphasized the world that “ one could unite inside the same frame, elements non usually found together to bring forth unlogical and startling effects. “ A In 1924, Breton included the thought of the appositions in his pronunciamento: “ a apposition of two more or less distant worlds. The more the relationship between the two juxtaposed worlds is distant and true, the stronger the image will be — the greater its emotional power and poetic world. ”

The literary journalA Litterature contained a published record of dreams and Hagiographas of their experimentation of automatic authorship, written by Andre Breton, Louis Aragon and Philippe Soulpault. Automatic authorship is where they were able to compose and pull impetuously without incorporating their judgement.

While they developed their theories and continued publication, they concluded that Surrealism sustained the thought that “ ordinary looks are indispensable, but that the logic of their apprehension must be to the full unfastened to the full imaginativeness. ” In the terminal, the motion intended to alter and overhaul human apprehension and experience, in all facets ; personal, cultural, societal, and political. They finally aimed to let go of citizens from false wisdom, and restrictive imposts.

Carl Gustave Jung:

CarlA Gustav Jung ( 1875-1961 ) a head-shrinker from Switzerland was important in the analytical motion. Freud laid the scientific foundation for Jung to look into further how the unconscious reveals itself though symbols. To acknowledge and understand his dreams, Jung painted and sculpted his ain visions.

Jung ‘s theory of the human head consisted of three fractions: the self-importance ( witting head ) , the personal unconscious, and the corporate unconscious. The corporate unconscious which we yet can ne’er be straight cognizant of is “ the reservoir of our experiences as a species, a sort of cognition we are all born with. ” It manipulates all of our determinations indirectly, peculiarly the emotional 1s.

Automatism was termed as Jung stated that one should non judge the vision of ideas, but accept them strictly as they are for personal and proper analysis. The suggestions of these new psychological theories captivated many creative persons. From the theories they were able to acknowledge that the unconscious has indispensable messages for the witting head, and that it is at first perceived through images while in the terminal communicated through linguistic communication.

Surrealist creative persons sought after the relation between the abstract religious worlds and the existent signifiers of the material universe in their work. The object in actuality bases as a metaphor for an interior deeper truth. By analysing their art work, creative persons could convey the interior worlds of the subconscious to the witting head, so that their significance could be made sense of.

“ Therein lies the societal significance of art: It is invariably at work educating the spirit of the age, raising up the signifiers in which the age is more deficient. The unsated longing of the creative person reaches back to the aboriginal image in the unconscious, which is best fitted to counterbalance the insufficiency and one-sidedness of the present. The creative person seizes on this image and, in raising it from deepest unconsciousness, he brings it into relation with witting values, thereby transforming it until it can be accepted by the heads of his coevalss harmonizing to their powers. ”

Automatism & A ; Veristic Surrealism:

Michael S. Bell, a specializer in American Art, has been a major voice in the academic art universe to separate Visionary Art. He researched the Surrealist phenomena where he late was the first to detect two separate signifiers of look in surrealism ; Automatism and Veristicism. “ Automatism is a signifier of abstraction. It has been the lone type of surrealism accepted by critical referees after the war. “ 6 While both groups point of position stayed the same, their foundation was different due to their diverse readings of the plants and experiments of Breton, Freud and Jung.

Automatism: Automatism is chiefly for the purpose of ego analysis where like Jung stated, one does non measure the image of the subconscious but accepts it as they come into consciousness so that it can be accurately analyzed. For the Automatists, Surrealism was interpreted as a control of the consciousness which supports the bomber witting. Automatists were more concerned about the true feelings instead than the analysis itself. It was their automatic manner in which their subconscious reached their scruples. Rather than what was truly at that place they focused on emotions and feelings that took topographic point before the concluding image, therefore their pictures were besides a batch more abstract in comparing to the Veristic Surrealists.

Although free look of feelings had ever been an of import factor in the history of art, the Automatists did n’t believe in it.2 To them, abstract art was merely the lone attack that was able to transport life to the images of the subconscious. Automatists took a more Dadaist attack where they presented dirt and disrespect towards those that were privileged and thought that through deficiency of signifier in their art, they were arising against them.

AutomatismA is an abstract artistic signifier greatlyA influenced by Carl Jung & A ; Sigmund Freud.A The most important painters of abstract Surrealism or Automatism were ; Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Andre Masson.The automatic drawings of Andre Masson’sA in 1923, are frequently used as an illustration of the point of acknowledgment of Surrealism and the interruption from Dada, in position of the fact that they reveal the influence of the thought of theA unconscious mind.2 Andre Masson was really passionate forA automatic drawing. By coercing himself to work under really rigorous conditions, Masson would for illustration draw under the influence of drugs or after long periods of clip without nutrient nor slumber. By coercing himself into a decreased province of consciousness he believed it would ease his art to acquire closer to the mechanism of his subconscious head and hence be free from rational control.

“ Bison on the threshold of a chasm 1944, Andre Masson ”


The Veristic Surrealists, viewed academic subject as the assets to stand for images of the subconscious with world. This was a manner for them to jell images that usually would be forgotten if non recorded. They aimed in detecting a manner to travel after the images of the subconscious until the scruples could be cognizant of their significance. The image itself is the linguistic communication of the subconscious, as the consciousness learned to construe the images so that it could interpret it into its true significance. For the Veristic surrealists, the images represent a metaphor for the interior world. They wanted to genuinely qualify these images as a bond between the abstract religious worlds, and the existent signifiers of the material universe. 6

The VeristicA surrealistsA split fromA AutomatismA chiefly by specifying the unconscious as visualized by head-shrinker Carl Jung. The cosmopolitan unconscious was Jung’sA theoryA that every person holds an natural cognition and apprehension of images, as the images are cosmopolitan in nature and recur invariably in literature and art. VeristicA surrealists hoped to understand and derive entree to unconscious ideas by looking into the image and what it represents.

Paintings of the Veristic Surrealists normally consisted of images portraying people and objects which appeared to look realistic but were shown in an uneven manner.A A good manner to specify Veristic SurrealismA is as “ representational ” Surrealism. Some of the most celebrated painters of Veristic SurrealismA were SalvadorA Dali, Rene Magritte and Max Ernst.A

Veristic Surrealism in its patterned advance has become a new sort of art that in the words of Donald Kuspit, “ Must foremost show that it has democratic appeal-appeal to those by and large unschooled in art or non professionally interested in it. Then it must endure a period of blue rejection by those schooled in an recognized and thereby ‘traditional ‘ signifier of art-those with a vested involvement in a known art and concerned with protecting it at all costs. “ 6 Persons who are able to follow the images of the subconscious, and with endurance, can non merely paint their ideas but besides analyze them carefully, have a great apprehension of the religious interactions between the psychological, and the physical countries.

Salvador Dali and Veristic Surrealism

Salvador Dali is an illustration of a celebrated and successful VeristicA surrealism painter. He frequently juxtaposes contrary or anachronic images into his art work which follow similar thoughts coming straight from Dadaism. Dali expressed his ideas in his pictures through symbols and imagination in a direct and coarse manner which relates more closely to the manner in which the Dadaists approached their thoughts. On the contrary, Dali believed that art should be studied and mastered, and that artistic accomplishment was of great importance, which is something the Dadaists chiefly did non follow. Dadaism made anti-art, unattractive art made to glower upon the businessperson and to do a higher statement of their values against them. Dali besides believed that look of the unconscious would be revealed through metaphor when analysing a picture. 17

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