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Automotive Assignment

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Create a name, logo and slogan The name of my automobile that I am going to invent and market in 2014 is going to be called Lulus. Lulus in Italian means Luxury. A picture of my automobiles logo is attached below. LULUS LULUS My company’s slogan is “Passion in Every Vehicle”. What need(s) will your automobile fulfill? What are the main features and attributes? What makes your automobile different and special? The needs that my automobile will fulfill are: – A luxury, stylish vehicle that meets our clients needs.

– At a competitive price over its competition.

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Automotive Assignment
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What makes my automobile different and special is that it will be an electric luxury vehicle. Nowadays in the market, an electric luxury vehicle is unheard of. The only luxury vehicle company that makes an vehicles is Fiske Automotive. What is your target market and target audience? My target market and target audience for my automobile are wealthy individuals within the age range of 30-50 years of age who would like to own an outstanding- top quality high performance vehicle, which will distinguish them from every other driver on the road.

What is your brand positioning

We plan on positioning ourselves in the market as a high quality performance, luxury electric vehicle. We want to see our company competing with other top companies such as Ferreira, Audio, Bugaboo, and Lampooning. What is your marketing objective in 2014? My marketing objective for 2014 is to build our vehicles with “passion” and top quality products. If we effectively do this than we won’t have to spend a cent on advertisement. Our company will make it sales from word of mouth though out people around the world. Ferrier’s marketing objective is a good example of what e are trying to accomplish.

They have never spent any money on advertisement yet they are known as the premiere automotive company. Who are your major competitors? How will your brand positioning differ from them? Our major competitors are Ferreira, Propose, Lampooning, Gaston Martin, Bugaboo, and Audio. How our brand positioning will differ from out competitors is that we are offering them a high performance luxury vehicle that is also an electric vehicle. Our customers will be able to obtain a vehicle that meets all of their needs and at the same time save money and help the environment. What is your communication objective(s) in 2014? How will you measure success/failure? Our communication objective for 2014 is to have our company atop the luxury automobile market through our top of the vehicle. As stated before, we do not want to spend a cent on advertising. We want our product to speak for itself. We want our sales to be driven through word of mouth, car magazines and shows, car blobs, etc. The way we will measure success/ failure is that if our company is atop the market as one of the top luxury vehicles then we ill consider that a success.

Anything else will be considered a failure. What Promotional Tools will you use, how will you use them and why. The promotional tools that I will use to entice people to choose our vehicle over the competitors is to have 0% Financing and good leasing options for our vehicles while our company is starting up. How we will use this promotional tool is that we will have our 0% Financing and good leasing options available at all our authorized dealerships and sellers so that our customers can get easy access to this great offer.

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