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Back to The Dreamtime Chapter One and Two

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Chapter 1
Richard was sleeping and he was dreaming about a terror situation, he listened whipers from shadows. In the morning, the radio alarm turned on at 7 o’clock, Richard switched off it and continued sleeping but her mother came into his bedroom to wake him up, and she did it to Richard’s sister as well. Richard gave the oportunity to her sister Judy to use bathroom first, because he wanted to write about his particular dreamm but no words came to his mind.

After he showered, he came downstairs to take breakfast, suddenly he started remembering about his dream so he returned to his room and he wrote about it. Like all days he went with his brother Tom to the school. They always sat beside the railway tracks. They talked about their future, Richard didn`t know what to do after school, meanwhile Tom chose to study photography. At school, Richard went to career office.

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Back to The Dreamtime Chapter One and Two
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Mrs O’Grady knew that Richard was a good student, she asked him if he was Aboriginal descent and about his plans for next year.

Richard replied that his father was Aboriginal and that he would like to study history. Mrs O’Grady told him that history is a good subject but find job in that field wasn’t easy. In the afternoon after school, Richard wanted to play some videogames so he rode his bike to go to the Arcade video games place, his friend Bradley was there, and he told Richard about a camp to Alice Springs that will have in next weeks.

Chapter 2
Richard, Judy and Tom was playing cricket in the backyard on saturday morning, they were happy playing his favorite sport. His father came to backyard to ask for some help to clean and organize the attic. They weren’t agree to do that job because they could spend all the day doing that, but finally they accepted. They started moving some boxes to the back wall to gain more space there. Richard saw a interesting package and took it, Judy and Tom told him that the package was Aboriginal but no one knew who belonged it to. Their mother Sonya was worried because she didn’t hear sounds in the house, so he asked to his husband, and Joe said that the children was cleaning the attic. Sonya was astonished, she told him that maybe Richard could find the you-know-what. Joe had forgotten about that. Sonya told him to wait that Richard did not find that.

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