Background of Unki Mines

The duties of the section involve reagent storage and mixing, determining the dosage of reagents, ample preparation, metallurgical accounting and dispatch of the concentrate for further processing. Production – duties include receiving ore, ore milling, monitoring flotation cells, concentrate handling and tailings handling. The process at the concentrator is semi- automated and is monitored by a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system Laboratory – provide an analytical service to the concentrator production and technical services as well as the MR. department.

The laboratory analyses samples using various instruments according to the analysis required by their clients. The results for the analyses are used for process control. In addition MR. department results are used for ore grade control. Engineering – ensure availability of the concentrator through maintaining functionality of the equipment as well as control and instrumentation. Plant availability should be 95%. The engineering section commissions, maintains and decommissions equipment. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT The engineering department is a service department.

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It has a total of 402 employees. The engineering aids the mine to reach a target currently set at 120 000 tons per month. The sections in the department are: Electrical engineering (Surface and Underground); Mechanical Engineering (Surface and Underground); MS and Sandpit (contracted service providers); and Transport Electrical Engineering This section is divided into two; Electrical Engineering Surface and Electrical Engineering Underground. The electrical engineering section installs and maintains all electrical connections.

The area of responsibility for electrical engineering (Surface) is on site and also for company property off site such as the guest house. The responsibilities of electrical engineering (Surface) include maintenance of substations and mini substations as well as maintenance of electrical connections at he conveyor belt, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plant, ventilation fans, compressors, boiler room, lamp room and change house. The underground electrical section does maintenance of substation and mini substations as well as conveyor belts, lighting, pumps and rock breakers.

The underground electrical engineering section also installs cables for blasting boxes and sets up power sources for drill rigs. Mechanical Engineering (Surface and Underground) Mechanical engineering is responsible of maintaining and installing equipment on the mine. The areas of concern for surface mechanical engineering are: Conveyer let; Compressors; Fire station; Up-cast fans; Water treatment plants; and Sewage treatment plants Transport The transport section is divided into the workshop and the garage.

The workshop’s main concern is servicing and maintaining vehicles. Diesel mechanics also do maintenance of generators. The garage section main concern is to transport workers timely and safely to and from work. The training of drivers is also dealt with in the garage section as well as other duties that include picking up and dropping visitors at their respective arrival and departure points. There are a total of 23 drivers of which 21 are for the buses. Pool vehicles are based at departments in the organization.

All Ink vehicles are on a satellite tracking system. MS and Sandpit MS and Sandpit are contractors. MS provides and maintains utility vehicles (Ups) and loading, hauling and dumping machines (Olds). Sandpit supplies and maintains drill rigs. MS has an underground workshop for daily maintenance checks. Sandpit provides and services a total of 9 rigs. The drill rig uses diesel for trimming (moving) and electricity at a voltage of IV for drilling. The drill rigs drill 3. Mm holes on mining ends that are then charged and blasted.

Safety features on the drill rigs include Fire suppression systems and two fire extinguishers Three emergency stops If door is open, the drill rig will not start Stabilizers to prevent machine from slipping when drilling Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Department PROJECTS The Projects department deals with all projects to do with construction. The main project being run is the Shrug Housing Project to provide housing for Ink employees. The designers for the project are BEACH and DHABI is contracted for construction.

Currently the stands are being serviced with pipe work for water and sewage being put in place. The progress for services is currently at 65%. Roadways are also being constructed. Ink Mines entered into partnership with Shrug Town Council and 1105 hectares of land were allocated for the housing project. Protection Services Department This department deals with issues related to the security of employees and company property. Security service providers, Safeguard and Evolves, are contracted by the AS department. The department is also responsible for issuing identity and access cards to employees.

These cards are used to identify employees, capture employee attendance and COMMUNITY, ENGAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (CEDE) The CEDE department interacts with the host community and monitors the negative and positive impacts of the organization to the community. CEDE engages the local community and assists in developing the community. The CEDE department works with the local government to identify the needs of the community. CEDE is guided by the Anglo Social Way and ensures that the organization operates in an ethical and social responsible manner.

Their vision is to make a lasting and positive contribution to communities associated with the organization’s operation and to be a partner of hooch for host governments and communities as well as an employer of choice. The 4 key principles of the Anglo Social Way are; Engagement and accountability Benefit host communities Learning from experiences Common non-negotiable standards FINANCE The finance department consists of four sections which are Procurement – identify needs and create purchase requests in the SAP system.

They send out enquiries to suppliers to receive quotes and place orders in the SAP system. Orders are then authorized and sent to suppliers and the delivery of the material is monitored. Stores – ensures safe storage of bought material and issues it out as per seer requests Cost and Management accounting – main focus of the section is cost control and management information reporting. Costs are summarized in the Basic Financial Equation (BEE). The Basic Mining Equation (BMW) is used to account for the ounces of the E (Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Rhodium).

The Financial Labor Equation is used to calculate the cost of labor. Information Management – installs and maintains infrastructure associated with data and voice communication Ink Central Services (On-mine) Organism 1. 3 CORPORATE CULTURE The corporate culture of Ink Mines is inherited from the greater culture of its parent many Implants. 1. 3. 1 Company Values The values of Anglo American Platinum are the same throughout all its subsidiaries, and they serve as the cornerstone of organizational behavior.

They are known within the organizations as “the Anglo values”, and great emphasis is placed on these values by the company, to ensure that all employees are guided accordingly. The six Anglo values are stated below. We put safety first: We all take personal responsibility in ensuring that we work and live safely. We believe that zero harm can be achieved by putting safety first. We act with honesty and integrity: We are open, honest and direct in our interactions. We raise and solve issues as they arise. We have the courage to confront tough issues and to stand up for what is right.

We deliver on our promises: We do what we say we are going to do. We set challenging but realistic goals and hold ourselves personally accountable for achieving them. We learn from our experiences and move forward to greater achievement. We are one team: We work together across functions and teams to improve our performance and solve problems. We seek out and are open to new ideas, wherever they may come from. We value and care about each other: We all have a right to be heard and a duty to listen to others. We care for each other’s wellbeing and treat each other with respect and dignity.

This means that we have zero tolerance for racism, sexism or any form of unfair discrimination. Our care reaches out to include our communities and the environment. We are passionate and take pride in everything we do: Individually and together, we strive to be the best we can be. We recognize and celebrate dedication, achievement and excellence. 1. 3. 2 Commitment to safety A mine is generally a place of many hazards. Miners come face to face with danger each and every working day of their careers. The principal hazard at Ink Mine is fall of ground.

If all sufficient care is taken, underground workers face the risk of large rocks falling on them. In 2011, Ink Mine recorded one fatality, who died after a large rock fell on him. There were no fatalities in 2012. In March 2013, a fall of ground incident resulted in one employee having three of his finger amputated instantly. High volumes of mobile equipment all around site also pose another risk for surface and underground employees alike. In order to mitigate these and other risk the company implements policies that demonstrate its commitment to the safety of employees and value for life.

This is clear from the first and fifth Anglo values. At the start of every shift, before work begins, each department is expected to engage in what is known as ‘Safety Talk or ‘Tool-box talk for a duration of about twenty minutes. These are compulsory, well-coordinated discussions during which one employee makes a presentation based on safety, occupational health or environmental topic. At the end of the presentation other employees in attendance are given the chance to make their own contributions. Examples of Safety Talk topics are: Working at height;

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